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Level of gain of live pig breed aquatics restores somewhat
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[the market is summarized] according to 12316 gold farming the hot line is monitored, last week (10.13-10.19) , liaoning province live pig and extent of wave motion of market of young hog place of production are lesser, prices all rises somewhat, trade to restore somewhat. Whole looks, prices of complete province hog relatively before a week keeps balance to go up slightly; Young hog prices relatively before a week keeps balance to go up slightly. Level of gain of live pig breed aquatics restores somewhat, filling column cost is inferior, breed door filling column action is relatively prudent still, not dare rushed fill into.

[the price looks board] price statistic makes clear, liaoning province live pig buys valence on average to be 5.58 yuan / jin, relatively grow 1.09% last week; Maximum price is 6.3 yuan / jin, appear in wide pasture and other places; Minimum price is 4.9 yuan / jin, appear in and other places of big stone bridge. Average retail price is young pig 7.78 yuan / jin, relatively grow 1.57% last week; Maximum price is 10 yuan / jin, piece new now civilian, the stage is installed, big Shi Qiao, clear fierce, open former and other places; Minimum price is 5 yuan / jin, go out to build the smooth, and other places that start a city now.

[prices is analysed] golden farming analysis thinks, liaoning saves live pig market level to be able to restore situation continuously last week, still be supply decreases, hog market produces change for be more than the pattern that seek. After the low before experiencing a red-letter day falls into disuse, liaoning saves quantity of live pig amount of livestock on hand to drop apparently, make " beg for be more than " hog market situation alleviates further.

[hind city is looked into] this week (10.20-10.26) , of short duration does not have the factor that affects hog vicissitude of the market effectively. Because this predicts, live pig of this area of greater part of week Liaoning province and young pig market level will still continue to go last week situation, firm syncopation goes up.