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Double assemble round live pig breeds a project to lay a foundation
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The reporter understands from double assemble group, a few days ago, double collect live pig of environmental protection of condition of 200 thousand first-born to breed base project -- foliaceous county double collect start working of animal husbandry limited company to lay a foundation.

This project is located in pretty of Li Xiang of summer of Henan leaf county child grass of battalion village state-operated, cover an area of 3200 mus, cent period is built. Among them first phase project invests 160 million yuan, build by Feburary 2009. This project includes a 10 thousand head sows to produce base of fatten of pig of 3 base, 75 thousand first-born and firedamp to generate electricity project. After building, dimensions of live pig fatten can amount to 225 thousand, it is the base of raw material of live pig treatment with double assemble main group.