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Fine promote guide superintend and director checks aquaculture to pollute punish
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Report from our correspondent works to advance whole town aquaculture to pollute punish further, yesterday, vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor plum defends peace, deputy mayor Chen Yue is gone to by force all right south and other places of county of lake area, sea salt undertakes superintend and director is checked, on-the-spot understanding aquaculture pollutes circumstance of repair work progress and existence problem, supervise and urge concerned branch wants to will pollute repair work to fall to real point.

Li Weining arrives later first all right south Ou Fengqiao presses down the lake always organic fat handling center, Fu Xingmu course of study reachs red village, new Feng Zhulin pond bridge presses down sea salt county on the west blueness, undertake the spot makes an on-the-spot investigation. In always red village breeds a week to build Hua Jiazhong, li Weining examined dry wet depart, rain all right corrupt detached pollution administers establishment. "How much does equipment of a complete set of throw? When build? " ... should understand dry wet depart, rain corrupt pool of accumulation of dry dung of depart and construction of form a complete set, firedamp pool, billabong fluid stores of the pool " two depart, 3 form a complete set " processing mode already became current our city new birds of round of cultivate breeds pollution, use through circulating integratedly, contaminant of can basic implementation 0 after discharging, li Weining expressed sufficient affirmation. rich permit animal husbandry, the foul water that Li Weining knew a business in detail 0 discharge processing mode. According to introducing, this enterprise uses nature to raise pig standard, join microbial preparation, use microbial bacterium group resolve the organic matter in pig make water and pig dung adequately change, came true successfully 0 discharge. To this, li Weining expresses to want to treat this corrupt new technology is popularized energetically.

Subsequently, chen Yue is strong chair held whole town aquaculture to contaminate repair work informal discussion, pollution of aquaculture of whole town of before the analysis one phase administers working circumstance and existence problem, made research deploy to issueing level to work. According to introducing, whole 2008 town needs to administer a farm (door) 3689, up to on October 15, whole town already administered 2009. Conference requirement, want to improve thought knowledge further, strengthen constituent leader, make clear working responsibility, strengthen target assessment, implement working measure, ensure finish the cultivate birds aquaculture this year to pollute repair job.