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The county that bring country receives in glory health of province aquatic produ
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Chang Dexin hears a net on October 24 dispatch (Zhou Xiangyu of reporter Hu Dan's reporter) 22 days, the reporter can go up from site of job of complete province aquatic product know, the county that bring country is awarded " health of complete province aquatic product breeds demonstrative county " title.

Soft-shelled turtle zoology breeds base basically is to build environment of zoology breed aquatics, make armour bait expect with the earthworm, collocation throws the fish that feed delicacy and snail mussel meat, rise to purify water quality, achieve the goal that zoology uses circularly

Card of label of demonstrative area of project of Ministry of Agriculture

Demonstrative dot of birds fish accrete, the zoology that basically is lotus of promotion waterfowl, aerospace, Gorgon fruit and piscine accrete breeds mode, reduce investment, rise crop, quality and breed benefit

Government of county Party committee of the county that bring country, county insists to support construction of new rural area with industrial development, adjust measures to local conditions, stress aquatic product distinguishing feature, drive actively begin aquiculture to manufacture an activity lawfully, advocate health of efficient aquatic product actively to breed mode, with the government project of department of devoted, trade tilts, arouse the farmer prepares oneself wait for means, throw three yuan early or late, piscine pool is begun to standardize construction, name to actor or actress piscine dimensions is covered in demonstrative area raise, pot and big lake crawl breed, birds fish accrete, pig - billabong - fish - bead - grass circulates health of zoology breed aquatics, soft-shelled turtle ecology breeds, special type aquatic product is raised only, rare fry is planted, breed demonstrative area to build requirement and standard according to health of aquatic product of Ministry of Agriculture, formulate industry technology is normative, begin aquaculture to standardize production, combinative aquiculture executes the law the action drives health to breed demonstrative area construction.

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