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Tomato of equestrian village village enters live pig of bridge of capital horse
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In in seek a county to have village of two Ma Zhuang, north and south distributings, apart 40 much kilometers, although district difference is big, but industrial characteristic is quite bright.

"We this grit ground, the tomato that grows applauds really! " deep autumn season, sunshine is vernal. In border new Zheng of the International Airport in the Zhang Zhuang that seek a county presses down Ma Zhuang village, scan widely looks, one word discharges many 400 solar conservatory, strewn at random have send, weiwei is grand, new breed tomato,

The way corp is growing is satisfactory, people is busy picked, preparing to send market of the outskirt that go capital.

"The village makes tomato contest, the tomato build that visits whose home is big, good into color, the tomato that every plays the game is in 6 two above, one the biggest achieves 2.8 jins. Wait for the tomato of breed like golden canopy, Jin Guan, Chun Lei, leather thick mushy watermelon pulp, mouthfeel is good. " Meng Qingxian of secretary of Party branch of equestrian village village says. Whole village many 430 1600 much mouth people, the villager is given priority to with cultivating garlic, began to grow tomato 2004, to this year in October, big canopy industry is swift and violent develop, common people got material benefit from which. Cultivate mode for the standard, the village established vegetable and professional cooperation, registered " sunshine is rural " brand label, strict according to cultivate without standard of social effects of pollution, become Henan province to produce base without vegetable of social effects of pollution. Villager Meng Jinglin's family 6 people, built big canopy of a complete illumination and 3 solar hot house, every big canopy covers an area of 1.8 mus or so, grow tomato of 4000 individual plant, every individual plant produces tomato 6 jins, a year of two stubble, every stubble earned big money. Last year, the tomato of his home sold 80 thousand multivariate.

This year first half of the year, money of this village deposit achieves 5 million yuan. Whole village many 440 big canopy, produce per year tomato many kilograms 520, year accrual exceeds 8 million yuan. Open plastic film down look, the tomato branches and leaves of full canopy is exuberant and fresh and tender but person, red a face that flushed crops person. Enter autumn since, everyday the merchant gathers, car bearer is gone to, busy ceaseless, trade prosperous, early or late many tons of 300 fresh tomato enters Beijing field.

Guan Du presses down village of equestrian village bridge, village head has a bridge, because the Yellow River is flush already not answer exist, the youth of the village always likes to say " equestrian village village " . This village shares many 300 other people, it is a village of typical the major that raise a pig, the villager of 80% above is managed raise a pig, general every amount of livestock on hand 349, achieve 559 at most, the dimensions of 200 above raises pig door to have many 30. Do greatly to do aquaculture strong, they invite province farming the expert of bureau of pasturage of place of division of big, city farming, county and technical personnel undertake directive, lecture, breed dispersive sex, avocation sex the idea is farther integrated, increase dimensions to change breed strength, sign agreement of supply and marketing with the user such as Shanghai Du Lin company, Fu Xin company, do not give village opening now, whole village makes the export market of a live pig. Villager Meng Qingzhong more than 10 years ago, develop present 1000 bull by 10 bull live pig, not only oneself sent the home, still drove whole village to walk up to raise a pig to become rich road.
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