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Ocean town develops energetically " 4 raise two kinds "
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In recent years, ocean of laurel smooth city is pressed down from a mountainous area and actual set out, develop energetically raise pig, sericiculture, raise the goose, course of study that raise chicken is mixed kind of mulberry, kind cassava course of study, guide give aid to the farmer develops characteristic to grow course of study, form this locality brand, pull moved progress of whole town economy. According to statistic, this year first half of the year, total production value of fishery of herd of this town aricultural amounts to 63 million yuan.

Do do the big line of business that raise a pig by force. 2006, this town introduces company of group of Wen of Guangdong of enterprise of countrywide agriculture bibcock to invest nearly 100 million yuan, build <- - ADV_CONTENT is set cover an area of a face to accumulate 840 mus, kind of pig farm that breeds dimensions to amount to 150 thousand, drive whole town to raise pig estate development. Current, whole town has Wen to plant pig cent field 40, arrange obtain employment 1500 much people, drive 300 farmers to expand the line of business that raise a pig.

Development raises goose employment. Current, village of this pond that press down bamboo is preliminary built the base that raise goose, breed dimensions to amount to 8000, many yuan 100. Pond of bamboo of development of this town plan, search two villages of Europe to become on the fleshy goose of dimensions produces base, become rich with characteristic breed aquatics one party common people.

Develop kind of mulberry sericulture. Last year, this town introduces Jin Gong company to build base of many mus of 400 silkworm breed aquatics in next villages, develop kind of mulberry sericulture. This town starts farmer of periphery leaving a village actively to plant mulberry sericiculture, strive for enlarge kind of mulberry area to achieve 1500 mus of above, adopt " company base farmer " production manages mode, make one village be tasted, increase farmer income.

Development raises gallinaceous line of business. This town makes full use of the characteristic with much mountain ridge, guide give aid to farmer expands the line of business that raise chicken. Current, the breed aquatics that whole town invests 300 thousand yuan of above door have 8.

Develop high grade cassava to grow line of business. Last year, ocean town cultivates high grade cassava 12 thousand mus, become high grade cassava to produce base. This year, this town Party committee, government guides actively li of flourishing, Lu Wang, double collect, mix ocean, newly, the village such as word of stone pace, assorted, Shi Jiang develops thoroughbred cassava to cultivate, strive to cultivate an area to amount to 20 thousand mus of above.