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Project of slaughter of the biggest hog was in Hua Dong on October 20 put into p
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Year of butcher that invests 500 million yuan of construction by group of Chinese rain profit project of pig of 3 million first-born, 20 days are in county of the East China Sea is formal put into production. This project covers an area of 316 mus, the pork that is Jiangsu province only exports base, also be Huadongde the hog slaughter production with the largest area machines base.

This one base offers post of 2000 many obtain employment for place directly, still can drive 50 thousand farmer to be engaged in live pig breed aquatics, year increase farmer direct economy income makes an appointment with 500 million yuan. The project introduces advanced hog slaughter to machine product line from Germany, can offer every year to the market 150 a variety of high grade " asepsis fresh pork " goods, produce per year fresh pork 210 thousand tons, of all kinds by-product 30 thousand tons