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City Sunshou presses down Lai on the west " 4 are fulfilled " drive the course o
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Come day after day, city grandson suffers Lai on the west Lin Zhichen is in the large family raising a pig of village of the mountain that press down a flower all the day work in piggery, resemble attending " baby " like raise meticulously fill newly 12 sows of column, dropped insurance for them.
Since this year, city Sun Shouzhen government is Lai on the west the income that increases a farmer, union is pressed down originally actual, base oneself upon is long-term, accelerate the development of the course of study that raise a pig, adopt multinomial measure to bring a farmer into play to raise the enthusiasm of the pig.
It is to fulfil what produce to live pig to give aid to strength. Raise pig door to raise the market to get used to ability for the help, increase resist the level of market risk. Local town government is encouraged breed door undertake dimensions of live pig standardization is raised, improvement breeds a condition, reduce breed cost. Current, this town fors years pig of fatten giving column 500 breed aquatics door 1, year 5 when pig of fatten giving column controls 200 times. In the meantime, increased right breed aquatics door capital support, use rural credit agency sufficient play is small loan action, increase pair of dimensions breed aquatics door, the credit that breeds village construction gives aid to, satisfy as far as possible medicinal powder raise door reach breed large family the demand to capital, solved live pig effectively to produce the capital difficult problem that develops a field, promoted the development of the course of study that raise a pig.
2 it is to implement allowance of can numerous sow and policy of insurance of can numerous sow, increase the enthusiasm raising a pig of the farmer. Strict according to chase field, chase door, the sow that expel a head registers tabulation, breed door affirm sign, zhang Bang is open fair show, accept the order that masses supervises, in extending fund of numerous sow allowance to raise pig door hand entirely, increased to raise door resist the ability of danger of the upward trend of prices on cost, aroused raise door breed enthusiasm. Use the way such as material of the conference, catchphrase, broadcast, conduct propaganda to reach an advantageous opportune moment that begins epidemic prevention, publicize the advantage with can numerous safe sow and insurance system energetically, reduce the capacity that breeds the risk such as an experience contingency, major in raising a process disease, remove trouble back at home, let raise door eat went up " sth capable of comforting sb " .
3 it is to fulfil instructor service, rise breed door technical level. Pasturage technology personnel often arrives deep in breeding a home, help breed aquatics door introduce admirable variety, strengthen raise management, solve live pig science in time to raise medium technical question, build for live pig " healthy archives " , do environment of fine pig house to make up live pig feed disinfection, scientificly, rise breed a level, increase income. The immunity that strengthens the epidemic disease such as foot-and-mouth disease of disease of pig blue ear, swine fever, pig and prevent control the job, guidance is raised door strengthen epidemic prevention management. Begin live pig to raise with management intellectual technology lecture, technology grooms and on-the-spot guidance photograph is united in wedlock, make every breed door can master essentials of the technology that raise a pig and epidemic prevention to defend ill crucial technology. Since this year, the skill that runs the side that raise a pig in all grooms 2 times, the personnel that join model amounts to 600 person-time.
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