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Even if pasturage expert tastes safety by the flesh
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Yangzhou net dispatch (reporter Zhou Han) yesterday, communication of learning of branch of hygiene of food of vet of society of Chinese pasturage vet can be held in the our city, chinese pasturage vet learns secretary-general Yan Hanping to attend the meeting, wen Daocai of Guo Rong of Yangzhou university president, deputy mayor causes greeting decline.
Theme of this second learning meeting is " safeguard flesh tastes safety, attention person is healthy " . Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, raise taught Liu Xiufan to make greatly " vet is communal sanitation and food safety " special subject makes a speech. Part attending the meeting is famous the scholar makes special subject speech with respect to problem of forward position of animal food safety. Visit the birds of cultivate of Ministry of Agriculture that is set inside Yangzhou university epidemiology key opens lab and our city share large cultivate birds breeds, the flesh tastes treatment company.