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New Zheng milk cow wins deliverance subsidy every 500 yuan
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Recently, reporter anew bureau of Zheng city pasturage understands: 6055 milk cow of this city receive subsidy of 500 yuan special help somebody in danger or difficulty every.

A few days ago, province finance department allots grandma farming fund of allowance of special help somebody in danger or difficulty 20 million yuan, it is particularly difficult to be used at be opposite grandma farming extends provisionality allowance. To amount of livestock on hand the milk cow farm of 200 above (door) by province finance allowance, amount of livestock on hand 20 ~ 199 milk cow farm (door) by allowance of finance of the city that save administer, amount of livestock on hand 19 the following milk cow farms (door) by the county (city, area) finance allowance.

To alleviate incident of 3 deer milk powder develops brought adverse effect to suckling course of study, branch of pasturage of new Zheng city implements ranking policy strictly, through strengthening milk cow thoroughbred breed is mixed promotion, raise milk cow to produce a standard; Advance breed manner change, raise raw material to suckle quality; Epidemic disease of aggrandizement milk cow prevents and cure, avoid suckles course of study to develop a venture; Guide milkings consumption, the method such as market of development milk estate protects grandma farming interest, promoted new Zheng to suckle course of study to develop healthily continuously.