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To a few proposal that pasturage vet education reforms
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Current, content of pasturage vet education and social demand are abhorrent, be out of line with social demand. Education content is serious lag, some contradicts with photograph of active law laws and regulations even. Show the author to raise proposal of a few shallow to education reform, offer reference 2
1. Reform teaching material content, accelerate knowledge to replace rate
(Content of education of person of accept of laws and regulations of law of vet of 1) general pasturage 2 each schools (contain post tall) should increase " laws and regulations of pasturage vet law collection " one division, make the student is in school understand, master course of study of one's own profession active policy policy, make the student is in the following job, can lawfully from course of study 2
(2) expunges the content of lag. The practical and academic content such as standard of level of will active code, state, industry is rich go in, want to build teaching material to replace lasting effect mechanism, in order to get used to the requirement of modern society 2
(The control that 3) increases epidemic disease and put out wait for relevant content 2 will " law of epidemic prevention of animal of People's Republic of China " about when producing epidemic disease of a kind of animal, ought to adopt control and the content that put out measure textual and fetching, make teaching material content and legal plan phasing consistent 2
(Content of quarantine of 4) vet sanitation 2 must use active newest level 2
(5) treats the content that use drug. Must the country already public proclamation
The content of the respect of medicines and chemical reagents that prohibit and falls into disuse is expunged, taste quality and safety in order to ensure cultivate birds is produced 2
2. Of the legal knowledge that enhances persons qualified to teaches of pair of a gleam of groom, grab from fountainhead
3. Achieve mode of new teacher and student, go produce learn to grind the road of unifinication wants the state such as a group of Dalian Han Wei top-ranking enterprise regards education as base, invite technical personnel to impart pasturage vet is practical technology, make the student is obtained more a few live competence, also can be chosen from production scientific research task.