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Science and technology of promotion of exert oneself of 8 old counties is aided
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Since this year, 8 old counties exhibit burgeoning property by issue as before, produce characteristic product, breed new-style farming the overall demand of herdsman, develop around economy, masses is rich, science and technology brings the working train of thought of the road, solid began a series of farming herdsman skill grooms the job, for farming herdsman widened add receive channel.

Popularize knowledge of farming herd science and technology, hold science and technology to seek advice, propaganda of science and technology. Brainpower begins exhibition of knowledge of science and technology, science and technology to seek advice regularly in path of main stem of the city zone, service of science and technology and propaganda of science and technology, help masses solves production to develop difficult problem, guide masses to take the route that scientific progress, science and technology becomes rich. Up to now, brainpower already exhibited achievement of popular science wall map, science and technology shows a shop sign 36, extend science and technology publicizes a data 5853, service science and technology seeks advice from masses 5179 person-time, those who get a society is extensive reputably.

Build science and technology to serve platform, begin go to the countryside of science and technology to enter an activity. Since this year, brainpower leave for different destinations each villages and towns, sow of directive masses science, strengthen field management, science to prevent accuse epidemic disease and raise cultivate, begin " service 3 farming, science and technology is entered door " and send go to the countryside of science and technology the activity 29 period, masses of guidance farming herdsman achieves 180, 312 person-time.

Rely on a project, the science and technology that holds rich specific aim grooms class. Bureau of prefectural farming herd uses state to amount to base of prairie construction, breed Tibetan a pig to wait farming the good luck that project of industry of animal husbandry characteristic builds, begin cultivate prevention and cure of technology, plant diseases and insect pests, domestic animals with crop establishment of fast fatten and prevention and cure of cultivate birds epidemic disease, firedamp is safeguarded wait for the science and technology that is main content to groom the job, exert oneself improves farming herd product additional cost, accelerate economy of development characteristic industry. Up to now, hold farming herd science and technology to groom class 19 period 1202 person-time.

Hold to 3 union, begin have practical science and technology to groom. It is the quality that ensures science and technology grooms and benefit, pay attention to in groom " 4 union " : It is to groom centrally with groom dispersedly be united in wedlock. Fixed arrangement grooms centrally, have arrangement according to the job, groom the principle of ceaseless line, by each villages and towns masses of constituent farming herdsman, bureau of prefectural farming herd assumes teaching job to begin groom dispersedly. 2 it is to groom generally groom with the key be united in wedlock. Distinguish an object, statified groom, transfer composition of professional technology personnel grooms the group undertakes to rustic cadre and technical backbone the key grooms. 3 it is classroom study and union of on-the-spot guidance photograph. On one hand constituent farming herdsman attends concentration the face is awarded; On the other hand, adopt " go to the countryside of science and technology " , " the guidance that decide a dot " wait for agile and effective form, let technical personnel walk out of masses of mechanism, press close to, arrive to field edge of a field, development deep manufacturing a gleam of, on the spot solves science and technology to groom the real problem that face.
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