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Guangdong only then promote a bee large quantities of bizarre death
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The bee of a death was bespread on the ground



Reporter 22 days from Guangdong only then the understanding that promote a county arrives, from this year the bottom began in July, only then near county of the vicinity that promote a county bee of villages and towns farming occurrence bedding face accumulates raised bee to die mysteriously, so far, this county already had death of 2000 box bee. According to place bee farming estimates, if the illness cannot get effective control, apian death will last possibly to month of next year 1-2.

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■ apian body is bespread thick

Walk into only then the apiary that the Shensuo that promote a county presses down the village below big mountain range, everything what what see makes a person shocking: By tens of thousands apian body was bespread inside the farm thick, a few bees that are close to death as in unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is commonly in sky faint ground revolve, doing death struggle, not a long time falls on the ground, after swaying a few times again also cannot move. It is reported, dead bee appeared the symptom with abdominal strut good hair.

Home Lu Chunguang raised 40 box bee this year, had had death of bee of 10 much box to now. According to only then He Yanbin of chairman of association of the apiculture that promote a county introduces, at present entire county bee has had 3 to become bizarre death, dead box number has surpassed 2000 much case, immediate pecuniary loss 500 thousand - 750 thousand yuan, entire county is made an appointment with 6 become bee farming experience to inflict heavy losses on.

■ the bee field that is far from a county has escaped to rob

According to Introduction He Yanbin, local apiarian history has exceeded 40 years, did not have a thing in safety all the time in the past, but begin from 2004, the bee begins large area to die, and grow in intensity. It is reported, the time that past bee dies is in those days arrived in October second year in Feburary, and occurrence bedding face begins to accumulate death by this year July, mortality was about last year 20% the left and right sides, and the bee that there have been 30% to now this year is gone.
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