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Xinhua News Agency: More than 10000 professional cooperation drive Yi Mengshan a
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Channel of xinhua net Shandong on October 22 report (reporter thunderous Deng Weihua) " since me join Lu Cheng to raise duck major cooperation, buy seedling, feed, sale, epidemic prevention, fund need not anxious, light earned 40 thousand one year last year multivariate. " the river of city of Shandong province Linyi that is located in Yi Mengshan hinterland east tall Yu Chungao of villager of area Guo round village promotes the ground to say to the reporter. Current, yi Mengshan area resembles Lu Cheng organization of such farmer major collaboration shares eleven thousand one hundred and twenty-eight, the amount ranks Shandong to visit the first place, already drove 96. Get rich of 620 thousand farmers becomes rich.
The reporter was in Linyi city a few days ago river east the understanding when the area is interviewed arrives, at present river east area flesh duck breeds door already exceeded 1000, year all add receive more than yuan 6000. Lu Cheng raises duck major cooperation by the river east company of division supply and marketing is initiated hold water, the purpose is to solve deficient of purchase and sale of farmer breed aquatics, capital, aggrandizement standardizes production, avoid manages the problem such as the risk, add for the farmer close become rich aid a helping hand. Current, cooperation already recruited a commune member 268, development breed aquatics door more than 610, quantity of fleshy duck amount of livestock on hand amounts to more than 50.
"Join farmer major collaboration to organize the trouble back at home that reduced me. " Li Changtang of specialist of Zhuang Dapeng of neat home of town of guest of banquet of the county austral Ju says: "When market vegetable value is inferior, cooperation presses every jins 0. Price of 5 yuan of protection reclaims; If prices is good, cooperation reclaims with the price of market price of summary prep above, average price price difference presses 4: Become 6 minutes, head of individual give oneself airs. I the 6 vegetable big canopy that distribute land is annual at least income 1 . 50 thousand yuan " . Laoli just joined the embellish austral Ju to fill vegetable and professional cooperation last year, savor benefit.
By Shandong green profit group initiates the embellish austral the Ju that hold water to fill vegetable and professional cooperation, adopt unified for planting, unified instructor, unified make buy protective price, cogent safeguard enters the increase of company farmer. Already had the 6 cent company such as guest of large store, banquet, road junction at present, commune member 105, develop area of canopy of vegetable old push without using one's hands in all 92 mus. "Embellish fills vegetable cooperation this year this, can add for the farmer the least receive 30 million yuan. " Ji Zhenwei of vise general manager of group of Shandong green profit tells a reporter.
Golden analysis says nobility of director of cooperation of Linyi city supply and marketing, in the spring tide that turns development in current economic scale, a smallholder is produced, achieve the breakthrough of economic benefits and social benefit very hard, and organization of collaboration of major of have the aid of, the farmer that join a company is OK around antenatal, produce medium, postpartum the collaboration that waits for link to develop diversity, polymorphous type, make individual advantage changes etiquette model dominant position, resource advantage is changed into industrial dominant position, form a brand then and gain the market. (be over)
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