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Foreign nationality boss owes employee place of 300 thousand pay raises 10 thous
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The bright and beautiful carp that breeds all sorts of decorative pattern in big canopy and colour and lustre is frisky.

  Default employee 300 thousand pay

10 thousand bright and beautiful carp auction pay a debt in kind or by labour

Morning paper dispatch (reporter Bai Minghui) the company that breeds bright and beautiful carp is defaulted worker more than yuan of 30 pay, because this boss is Singapore book, its do not have belongings in the account of our country, town court of justice carries out front courtyard to decide its the 10 thousand Yu Tiaojin carp of under one's name is auctioned east, repay with this worker pay. Yesterday, executive judge and designation assessment personnel undertook to these bright and beautiful carp the price is evaluated.

Yesterday 16 when make, the reporter will reach the designated position the limited company of Beijing palace goldfish of village of battalion of Yu Shunyi culture, here already by east town court of justice closes down. The worker that is in charge of feeding a fish besides a few still stays here, the controller of the company did not appear

. Breed a worker to say, their Singapore boss thanks some, had disappeared for ages, sometimes his daughter can do firm work. Subsequently, big canopy breeds in two in, the reporter sees, the bright and beautiful carp that 11500 end contain all sorts of decorative pattern and colour and lustre is frisky, fall in sunshine illuminate especially, very beautiful. According to introducing, what bright and beautiful carp presses character and size is different, market price case differs to on 10 thousand yuan from a few yuan. After 1 many hours, the staff member of executive judge and price assess center completes on-the-spot survey check and evaluate.

Town court of justice carries out Judge Zhou Deliang of front courtyard to introduce east, sell off these more than 10000 bright and beautiful carp this, will former worker of 12 this companies is benefited. These 12 workers were in this company to work 10 years mostly above, they are average every monthly wages is controlled in 1000 yuan, palace goldfish company did not give them pay society assurance all the time. During the job, palace goldfish company asks they work overtime 1.5 hours in weekday, and playday goes to work even, but did not pay its overtime. This year on January 31, palace goldfish company issues an announcement, requirement " the person that do not wish to sign labor contract... continue to work at the company cannot is in since Feburary 1 " . 12 workers arbitrate to town labor dispute committee mentions then appeal, ask this company pays his the overwork reward since compensation gold mixes economy 2 years. After the worker's arbitration gets supportive, this company eastwards to lodge a complaint of town court of justice, the court maintained original ruling. 12 workers day is forward east application of town court of justice is carried out compulsively to this company.
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