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Of farm disinfectant choose reach a note
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Disinfection is a farm important and indispensible link, those who disinfect a method is correct was one of important step with infection of precautionary farm epidemic disease and control eruptive epidemic disease, it is a farm of efficient development important assure. At present rural farm door alexipharmic consciousness is very strong, this job also is undertaking every day. But, what can undertake science is disinfected truly is not very much, very big one part farm door the basic common sense of offset poison is not very clear, often be to follow from and imitate, alexipharmic effect is not very ideal. Reach use note to make the introduction to the sort of commonly used disinfectant for this author.

Disinfection is to point to keep clear of and exterminate environment and object to cause disease mediumly microbial or make microbial destroy vivid process, cent physics disinfection and chemistry disinfect two kinds. Physical disinfection basically points to sunshine and ultraviolet illuminate to wait. Chemical disinfection shows chemically medicines and chemical reagents is cleared, exterminate and destroy work extends the process with microbial disease. Commonly used and chemical disinfectant can divide according to chemical structure for:

1. is alkaline kind: Basically include oxyhydrogen to change sodium, calx to wait, have taller disinfection effect commonly, apply to the environment that moisture and in relief illumination are less than to disinfect, also use at the disinfection of barrel-drain and mucky make water, but it is certain to have excitant reach caustic, the value is inferior.

2. oxidant kind: Basically have hydrogen peroxide solution, potassium permanganate, cross oxidation hydrogen to wait.

3. is haloid kind: Fluorine changes sodium to have powerful antiseptic force to fungus and gemma, the tincture of iodine of 1 % —2 % often uses as skin disinfection, iodic glycerine is commonly used the disinfection at mucous membrane. Bacterial gemma is even more sensitive to iodine than progenitive body 2—8 times. Still bleaching powder, tincture of iodine, chloric amine waits.

4. is mellow kind: 75 % alcohol is commonly used the disinfection at the skin, tool, equipment, container.

5. is phenolic kind: Phenol, ichthamnol, cresol waits, alexipharmic capability is higher, but the noxiousness with be had certain, caustic, pollute an environment, the price is higher also.

6. aldehyde: Formaldehyde, the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem ethane of oxygen of 2 aldehyde, annulus, can disinfect appliance of fecal, metal, also can use at the suffocating that column abandons, but antiseptic make toxin drops. Have excitant, noxiousness, long-term meeting causes cancer.

7. surface activator: Commonly usedly new clean Er destroys, disinfect clean, domiphen, general comfortable the disinfection of the coverall at appliance of the skin, mucous membrane, operation, pollution. Www.yangzhi.net

Salt of 8. season ammonium: New clean Er destroys, degree Mi Fen, wash surely peaceful, it is exterior activator already, it is again haloid kind of disinfectant. Basically use at the disinfection of the coverall of appliance of the skin, mucous membrane, operation, pollution.
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