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Autumn protects an ox " 3 action "
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Build the Chu Qiu with good broiling canopy, shady and cool part is smaller than sunshine place temperature, the ox also wants in temperature of shady and cool place low.

If bovine days suffers sunshine to insolate directly, wet night suffers harships assault, one cold one heat, work one wet, extremely easy sicken. Accordingly, should choose all around ventilated upland builds canopy of a shade, spend for Niu Anquan autumn. Wait for air temperature to drop, when unsuited ox lives inside canopy, reentry column is abandoned raise.

The sweat gland that chooses good pond ox is underdeveloped, special be afraid of heat, its fight heat energy force colder than fighting ability wants difference, buffalo especially such. Www.yangzhi.net

The ox falls in burning sun or when weather is sultry, body heats up difficulty of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, accumulation of heat causes heatstroke much more easily too, water lies to drop in temperature in should letting Niu Zaishen pond, everyday 34.

Ox is fond of lie water, water can be sprinkled on bovine body when high temperature, but 0.5 ℃ control hypothermia.

But when when Niu Gang penal servitude perspires or Gang Conglie returns day, do not sprinkle water immediately or drive Niu Wo water, lest cause pore to contract because of encountering cold stimulation suddenly, shut sweat to come on.

Smoke good cigarette activity of whole autumn mosquito is rampant, annoy farm cattle day and night. Happy event of white long-corn snake leaves an activity in sunshine, bite bovine body, should be Niu Shuan inside stable or shady and cool place.

In the evening mosquito bite, should be certain in the dusk wind direction, in the windward head of fasten ox place, with hot knotweed grass, Huang Jing child, Ai Hao add hay, curium wood chip ignition smokes cigarette.

The place that smokes cigarette should maintain certain distance with Niu Tibao, lest bovine body feels very hot heat. The fasten ox string that is tied on picket should take proper length, so that bovine head is swung,place freely drive mosquito.