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Earthy chicken raises technology and epidemic disease prevention and cure
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Raise management: Earthy miscellaneous chicken raises management basic as identical as other chicken, main technical measure has the following sides:

Brood: The success or failure of brood basically sees survival rate, emphasize capture the following:

1, temperature: Chickling goes out after housing is redemptive, the temperature of a week should be controlled in 34—35 ℃ less than, rise from the 2nd week, reduce 2 ℃ every week, take off Wen Wei to stop till the 6th week. The method of heat preservation inspects chicken how many and calm, chicken can use paper box and bulb less, be about to chickling is put inside box, hang the bulb that a 60W controls, put water bottle, crib at the same time; Chicken can use brood room more, indoor the furnace that use coal add lukewarm, but eduction of fuliginous application iron pipe outdoor. To assure the accuracy of temperature, outside eliminating the position that observes chickling, room a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces hangs a thermometer, divide excrement and urine frequently at the same time. 2 illumination: Brood a week asks 24 little time are illuminated, be fed in order to make sure chickling day and night can be collected and water, promote grow development, decrease 2 hours every week later, until nightly do not open the lamp. Illumination and heat preservation can be united in wedlock rise undertake, paper box brood, if temperature is insufficient, can add boiled water to be wrapped with cloth inside container, heat inside park box. 3 raise density: 1-14 day age, 50-60 / square metre, 15-21 day age 35-40 / square metre, 21-44 day age 25 / square metre, after 60 day age 12 / square metre. Take off lukewarm the chickling after but basket raise, smooth raise or depasture raise, want density not to exceed afore-mentioned levels only all but. 4 feed and water: After chickling gives case 24 hours, can water hello feed, put brood stuff inside makings bucket to make its free collect feed, put clear water inside water cup at the same time. Brood head 20 days of drinkable cold boiled water, later but drinkable well water or tap water, because chickling collects appetite little, metabolism is exuberant, to prevent hidebound, the head must join dextrose of 8-10% pH indicator and water-solubility in water inside 10 days a variety of vitamins. Www.yangzhi.net

2, take off lukewarm after raise: Chickling Yo comes 40 days age, can add no longer lukewarm, but temperature cannot change too big, winter and rain, fresh gale weather, room temperature still should maintain in 15 ℃ above, illumination is natural light, raise a method to have the following kinds: 1 basket raise: Will take off lukewarm the chickling after turns to into raise inside coop, its advantage is to be able to make full use of space, chicken does not contact excrement and urine, come on little, facilitate at the same time catch chicken, reduce labor intensity of the breeder; Defect is to raise the chicken with longer time group, should stimulate response bigger, gallinaceous bosom and leg ministry appear easily pathological changes. 2 smooth raise: Smooth raise can divide again be raised to be made the same score on the net and make the same score on the ground raise, make the same score on the net raise with at basket raise, but vivid momentum of chicken is big, come on not easily, of course cost is higher; Smooth nurturance is namely on the ground on cement ground overlay carapace of wheat straw, chaff, colza when mat makings, raise chickling superpose, its advantage is managing cost, gallinaceous bosom and leg ministry produce pathological change not easily, because earth is miscellaneous gallinaceous activity amount is large, mat makings also does not need to change, insufficient place is a chickling direct platoon dung is on mat makings, cause a few disease easily. 3 put in a suitable place to breed: Put chicken in the morning namely outdoor, let its accept sunshine illuminate, contact soil, can search at the same time feed a few mineral feed and insect, hurried back with late admiral chicken midday abandon inside fill feed feed, advantage of this kind of method is nature of regression letting chicken, it is especially good that gallinaceous flesh pledges, price is high, the field that insufficient place is need is bigger, raise scale so finite, this method suits farmer a few coming loose raise.
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