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The prevention and cure of furry animal gastroenteritis
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Because gastric bowel mucous membrane gets,gastroenteritis basically is long-term unusual stimulation (basically comprise unsuited, food to change by feed weather is frequent, frequent in bowel of change, stomach harmful microbial destruction the slight diarrhoea with the long element such as action) , and bring about layer of gastric bowel mucous membrane the disease that unusual, inflammation is main feature.

Appearance of animal excrement and urine, color and odour are unusual; The animal can be collected feed, activity and grow and production, but appetite is reduced gradually, psychosis is poorer, serious rejection is collected feed, die even. The enteritis of the slight gastritis of similar person or long-term and slight diarrhoea.

The composition of feed wants science, especially the salinity in feed (what the salinity that here says points to not just is salt, still include all sorts of mineral salt) , in the meantime, it is beyond the mark to be not added in feed excitant feedstuff (wait like chili) . Often add vinegar of a bit edible in feed, reduce the PH cost in feed, make the acidity of feed increases.

Often add high grade special benefit to give birth to element, inside the gastric bowel way with compensatory flix peculiar animal beneficial microbial, increase bowel of furry animal stomach inside the path beneficial microbial amount, from gastric bowel path interior prevents the happening of gastroenteritis.
The breed aquatics from burden door, when raise feeds feed, the temperature of feed is best the range that can approaching quite, prevent super-cooling overheat. In the season with changeful climate, the feed additive of diarrhoea of prevention and cure should be added in feed. Www.yangzhi.net
Medication less with antibiotic and chemistry as far as possible disease: Because of us commonly used chemical medicaments is mixed the medicaments that antibiotic basically is remedial enteron disease, these medicaments, no matter be good to animal body,be in inside gastric bowel path still is bad microbial have exterminated effect, use for a long time, reduce the amount with rare microbial beneficial not only, and also enhanced the resistance to the action of a drug with microbial cause of disease, raised difficulty and manufacturing cost for cure. Use high grade appropriative beneficial gives birth to element: Mink everyday 0.3 grams; Vulpine racoon dog fur 0.5 grams ~1.0 overcomes every kilogram weight. Do not have place of special benefit biologic to returning, can use the in bags yoghurt that the child has, every 10 mink use 1 bag; Racoon dog fur of every 3 foxes 1 bag.