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The goat abandons a circle to build main demand
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Farmer inspects its nature condition, circumstance of housing materials origin, adjust measures to local conditions, build dimensions to change, science changes a circle to abandon.

Build abandon address alternative

(1) optional location: Exposed to the sun of tall dry, evenness, n, small tilting relief (gradient is in 1-3 % is advisable) , fountainhead enough, water quality is good.

(2) requirement of Yang She environment: State of main consideration illumination, temperature, humidity, air current.

(3) Yang She type:

Xia Redong's not cold climate region, use open labour or sheep of half open mode to abandon more. Reach the summer drafty, winter is abandoned inside humidity and difference of the temperature outside abandoning are not big. Build permanent Yang She, there is roof on the requirement, 3 have a wall, face of exposed to the sun is half brick wall or sheep can.
Swarm goat breeds door can build ovine canopy, the requirement is prevented bask in, take shelter from rain, there is ceiling on the building, open wide all around, airiness.

(4) Yang She builds a technology to ask:

A. Do good sheep to abandon foundation and foundation

Because foundation is laden force is simple and easy Yang She or small-sized Yang She, small, ask to have only bearing enoughly ability, ply, fight erode force is powerful, sinkage is less than 2-3 centimeter, expansile small.
The foundation compares wall wide 10-15 commonly centimeter, make fundamental building materials with brick or stone, concrete. Www.yangzhi.net

B. Wall demand is strong level off of stable, surface, easily clean

The adiabatic action of housetop is more than a wall, had better use multilayer housing materials, add effect of housetop heat preservation. Average peasant household uses roof of odd slope type, yang She is the only hurdle that list type, outdoor footpath.
Biserial type Yang She, fold, it is housetop of double slope type commonly.

C. The sheep abandons area demand

The ground must achieve solid, level, without not not interstitial, hard, slippery, make the sheep lies only breath is comfortable, prevent limb or hectic happening. Least and due 1-1.5 % gradient, facilitating platoon dung and micturition fluid. Sweep easily, disinfection.

D. Mature ceiling answers when the design (housetop of double slope type must be done) , the door should open outwards.

Anyhow, technology of form a complete set of development of fleshy goat production is very much, be used except cross and outside, technology of test-tube or refrigerant seminal hybridization; Technology of prevention and cure of vet of convention of drive bug, epidemic prevention; Goat filling raise and kid are short-term fatten technology; Yang She and ovine bed transform building technology to answer synchronous promotion, make its produce integrated effect, raise a goat to manufacture efficiency.

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