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The raise of milk cow feed feeds set limit to
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Milk cow digestive feed is support ferment microbially in rumen will finish, and the environment that the microbial need in rumen stabilizes relatively, the idea that what feeds what goes against arrogant rumen health, go against namely digest, best method is all sorts of feed reasonable collocation will feed, feed of avery kind of is unfavorable those who feed is too much, specific raise feeds limits to be as follows: Www.yangzhi.net

(1) ensiling feed everyday 20-25 kilogram;

(2) the cattle that takes ensiling feed had better match high grade hay (green hay) , everyday every ox not under 4 kilograms, current, most area lacks green hay to feed an ox, accordingly, green grass season should make the best of time air hay, do not make an ox all eat green grass;

(3) root tuber kind if carrot, pumpkin shoulds not be too high much because of moisture content,feed, everyday every 3-5 kilogram;

(4) new green grass does not exceed 12 kilograms everyday;

(5) colza cake, cotton dregses of rice to cannot exceed 10% in the dosage in feed;

(6) complementary makings if broken bits of beer be pickled with grains or in wine, corn, bean curd broken bits, pomace everyday every 10 kilograms or so;

(7) product volume presses every 2.5-3.0 kilogram suckle 1 kilogram of makings to feed, produce a grandma to give product high more, produce a milk little, skimp product, but, no matter produce grandma quantity to have many tall, everyday product feeds a quantity to cannot exceed 12 kilograms, feed generous circumstance to fall in product at the same time, increase raise to feed a frequency, rise with what hydrochloric acid in gastric juice of slow down tumour spends.