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The computational method of ovine feed recipe
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Ovine ration is to show the sheep collects the quantitative total that feeds all sorts of feed inside one day and night; But in be being produced actually, not be to press a Yang Yitian place to need to come of burden, all sorts of feed that need to a flock of sheep place however, deserve to come into mixed feed by certain proportion raise is fed. The method that cooperates ration and measure have a variety of. General place is jumped over with feed sort much, the target that chooses nutrient need is more, computational process is more complex, calculate with the hand even sometimes cannot very good finish. Accordingly, in contemporary poultry production, had applied a computer to finish the computation of feed recipe, go to the lavatory already quick. And raise sheep or farmer to because feed is very not fixed,raise a sheep in a small way, can calculate with handiwork of law trying difference. The computational measure of law trying difference is: Www.yangzhi.net

The first pace: The average weight of the sheep in the affirmatory Yang Qun that abandon raise and day increase heavy level, regard ration as the basic basis of the recipe.

The 2nd pace: Computation gives the nutrient content of every kilogram diet, the nutrient content that the nutrition that uses a sheep needs to measure those who divide a sheep to collect appetite to be every kilogram diet namely (% ) , for instance crude protein content is 15 % , energy 8. Kilogram of 2 million anxious / , calcic 0. 8 % , phosphor 0. 4 % .

The 3rd pace: Draft used feed certainly, list the nutrient class status that chooses feed and nutrient value are expressed, so that choose computation.

The 4th pace: Give priority to with the energy in ration and protein content, put apart is mineral the portion with additive, it is 2 % —3 % commonly, try deserve to give preliminary mixed feed.

The 5th pace: In maintain the premise with compound energy chroma and protein basic and changeless content deserves to fall first, adjust the dosage of feedstuff, in order to reduce ration cost, carry energy and protein index of these two basic nutrition accords with need.

The 6th pace: Requirement foundation is accorded with basically to go up in energy and protein content and feed collocation, adjust the other index such as compensatory calcium, phosphor and salt and additive.