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Do special type breed aquatics to need 6 contented requirements
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1, exterior condition analysis:
⑴ option person should consider national policy above all, include policy of wild animal protectionism, agriculture, technology policy and environmental policy.
⑵ is located the rich condition of the area, include circumstance of data of height above sea level, geographical latitude, climate, feed to wait.
Purpose of option of place of Lv of ⑶ take an examination develops the current situation and development tendency.
Requirement of the liaison man that ⑷ should consider to be in an area, information reachs sale market condition.
2, option person oneself condition analysis: Option person development ability of the management ability through analysing oneself, technical actual strength, market and capital actual strength will decide place chooses project and development dimensions.
3, technical analysis: The progenitive technology that grows the technology of breed basically includes kind of source especially, feed makes up technology of technology, sickness prophylaxis and treatment, dimensions to change manufacturing technology and deep processing technique to wait. Option person must affirm whether true this technology is reliable above all, and the result that can achieve below contented condition circumstance. Option person the industrialization degree that answers place options order undertakes an analysis, the technology that makes clear this project whether mature, system, form a complete set, whether turn production into guild regulations model. Www.yangzhi.net
4, market analysis: ⑴ market demand is analysed. Those who include domestic and international market to offer a product to this project place is uptodate with potential demand trend of analysis and demand development change is analysed. ⑵ market competition is analysed. Undertake an analysis to scale of production of purpose of similar terms of domestic and international market and development tendercy. ⑶ produces periodic analysis. The raises a project especially production cycle that chooses to place, productivity undertakes an analysis. ⑷ market enters time and price analysis. The breed of special type breed aquatics is much and it is a few brand-new products, existing to get used to the market, process that be understood by the market and admits. Accordingly, answer to wait for the affirmatory time that enter town according to development of market demand, market, the characteristic that breeds the market according to special type even and industrialization develop the rule, have price analysis and fixed position, ensure can develop the market already, can receive taller economic benefits again.
5, benefit analysis: The key that benefit analyses depends on throwing the economic benefits that evaluate special type breed aquatics with what yield quite through be opposite. The economic technology index of the evaluation basically has feed to change rate of weightening finish of cost of rate, survival rate, feed, production cost, individual day, individual commodity to wait. The financial index of the evaluation basically has Return On Investment, gross profit, total production value, totle drilling cost, rate of return on investment and break-even analysis to wait. The main index that answers economic benefits evaluation when choosing project of special type breed aquatics has detailed proof.
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