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Yo becomes the health care of the pig and administration
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One, Yo becomes a pig raise management

(One) the physiology characteristic that Yo becomes young pig

Yo becomes young pig is to point to to after ablactationing, be become in Yo abandon inside raised young pig, namely from leave delivery room to begin, give Yo to become to change abandon till, be in commonly 35 - between 70 day age, become in Yo abandon experience 35 days or so.

The physiology characteristic that Yo becomes young pig is:

1, fight cold ability difference: Once left the bosom of warm delivery room and sow,Yo becomes young pig, want to one gets used to a process, be opposite especially temperature is relatively sensitive, if live for a long time in the environment under 18 ℃ , affect its to grow not only development, still can cause a variety of diseases.

2, grow growth is rapid: The appetite of young pig is particularly exuberant during this, often show grab feed and devouringly phenomenon, the flourishing that calls young pig feeds period, if raise administrative do sth in the proper way, young pig grows rapid, in 40 - weight can increase 1 times between 60 day age, otherwise easy happening a variety of diseases such as disease of diarrhoea, oedema, paratyphoid.

3, tall to the easy sensibility of the disease: As a result of the protection that ablactation and lost mother source antibody, and the active immunity ability of oneself was not built again or diseased, feel very easily to the disease such as rhinitis of contagious gastroenteritis, atrophic sex, the contagion of certain and perpendicular infection if bogus of swine fever, pig is hydrophobic wait, break out possibly also in this period.

The job wants a place: Adopt all sorts of methods in order to reduce young pig turn group should stimulate, from feed control of excessive, swinery management, environment reachs the respect proceed with such as vaccinal have an inoculation to raise a manufacturing function of paragraph of swinery and its economic benefits.

(2) : The preparation before Yo becomes rounding off pig works:

Go up unitly originally the pig that approve a young turns after going out, undertake in time clearing thoroughly to this unit (demolish what everything does not have necessary existence to reach the article of “ danger ” that causes harm likely only to the pig) , rinse (include bed of material or blank bin, net, windowsill, fan, ceiling, floor to reach all sorts of appliance to rinse accomplish content to see instinctive quality) , purify disinfection thoroughly) , the sky of classics a week is abandoned after purifying, adjust abandon core area (temperature, humidity) , had done receive ablactation the preparation of the pig. Www.yangzhi.net

(3) : Young pig turns into Yo to become the job after abandoning

1, reasonable group group: To raise young pig even and orderly degree, assure “ to be run smoothly into what give ” technological process completely completely, turn to begin to wait according to its breed, state-owned parent, constitution from young pig have reasonable group group, notice observation, in order to reduce the happening of phenomenon of young pig combat, should undertake be raisinged alone only to individual and sickly pig special nurse.
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