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Live pig is linear fatten 7 close
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Linear fatten is a kind of way with live pig better fatten, use this kind of producer type to must notice good 7 close.

1, young pig seed selection does not close to buy young pig to epidemic disease area, also should keep apart observation after the area that be not epidemic disease purchases young pig, do well in installment the immunity such as disease of swine fever, oedema, hectic, erysipelas injects. Do the preparative work such as good drive bug, gastric lavage, be good at stomach at the same time. Young pig is best from numerous raise oneself, reduce epidemic disease to pass into. The circle is abandoned, feeding rack should disinfect thoroughly. Drive bug: Young pig introduces the 1st day to have drive worm, used " bug to overcome bug of astral " drive at 8 o'clock in evening commonly, pig of young of 10 kilograms of weight takes half packets, interval is cast 7 days 1 times again. Gastric lavage: Amount to gastric lavage with Xiaosu, every piggy uses 10 grams, 15 kilograms of above use 15 grams, can feed 1 times only. Be good at stomach: 5—6 day uses Chinese rhubarb revive pink mixes makings, 10 kilograms of pigs use 10 grams, 15 kilograms of above use 15 grams can.

2, breed closes 3—4 yuan cross pig centered 3—4 the good quality of admirable breed pig, the fatten effect of cross offspring is outstanding. If use this locality, York, long white, the breed such as Du Luo gram undertakes cross, its offspring grows fast, bad news material is little, feed pay is high, economic benefits is good, with without cross improved pig photograph is compared, 4 months weight differs 25 kilograms or so. Should choose a constitution at the same time too healthy, small the young pig that agrees basically, general 4 months give column, weight can amount to 110—120 kilogram. If lengthen,raise time to grow speed slows, feed pay drops.

3, choice feed closes different grow level raise feeds different type feed. Linear fatten divides 3 level, young pig gives column to be the 1st phase to 30 kilograms, young pig condenses the scale of makings to be 25 % , expect namely essence of life corn of 25 % + wheat bran of 60 % + 15 % . 30—80 kilogram for the 2nd phase, the makings seed that contains protein of % of 40 % —41 with 20 % deserves to compare, expect namely essence of life corn of 20 % + wheat bran of 55 % + 25 % . 80—120 kilogram for the 3rd phase, contain protein with 15 % the albumen makings essence of % of 38 % —40 deserves to compare, expect namely essence of life corn of 15 % + wheat bran of 55 % + 30 % . If do not have wheat bran to be able to be replaced with corn, namely essence of makings of the 1st phase corn of 25 % + 75 % , essence of makings of the 2nd phase corn of 20 % + 80 % , essence of makings of the 3rd phase corn of 15 % + 85 % . Www.yangzhi.net

4, after elaborate feed closes feed to had matched, work hello, feeding drier advantage is save trouble, do not freeze in the winter, the summer is not acerbity, many saliva juice is secreted after the pig eats drier, advantageous feed is digested absorb; Also can feed wet makings (scale of makings, water 1 ∶ 1) , winter water mixes 4 hours are put to feed after makings, summer puts 2 hours to feed, advantage is to collect appetite to increase, water-solubility vitamin is absorbed easily, collect in the pig feed this method can be used when decreasing. The 1st phase is fed by the 5 % —6 % of weight makings; The 2nd phase presses the 4 % —5 % of weight, the 3rd phase presses the 3 % —4 % of weight. Above feeds makings quantity to be collected freely feed and set limit to is collected feed all but, feed 8—9 to become everyday full. Daily feed 4 times, the 1st early at 7 o'clock, the 2nd middleaged at 11 o'clock, the 3rd afternoon at 4 o'clock, the 4th evening at 9 o'clock.
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