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Breed door match feed oneself 10 large tricks of the trade
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Breed door oneself make up feed, not only can make full use of resource of this locality feed, reduce raise effectively to raise cost, when raising breed of local cultivate birds, still have better adaptability, can make the flesh, egg has local color more, the fashionable demand with green of contented consumer pursuit, natural pursuit, can better occupational one party consumes the market. But in particular operation, a lot of technologies that breed a devoid feed to configure a respect and equipment, match feed to often appear oneself nutrient disequilibrium, breed benefit not quite ideal. For this, the author summed up the 10 large tricks of the trade that match feed to need to master oneself, introduce as follows now, the hope can give broad breed aquatics door provide a help.

1, energy unit

In nutrition need measures a watch in, digestible energy (DE) is the energy unit that applies to a pig, metabolizable energy (ME) applies to birds, net energy (NE) applies to an ox. The energy unit that used in the past is kilocalorie (KC) , now already instead million is anxious (MJ) or 1000 anxious (KJ) , conversion concern is:

1 kilocalorie (KC)=4.184 1000 anxious (KJ)

1 million is anxious (MJ)=1000 1000 anxious (KJ)

2, the composition that need adjusts

The nutrient composition that need adjusts basically includes 4 big, namely: Energy, crude protein, amino acid, mineral (basically include the) such as salt, calcic, phosphor.

3, need is preferential additional amino acid

Discharge according to the importance of amino acid, cattle yield hair is preferential additional ordinal be: Egg ammonia is acid of Guang ammonia acid, half Guang ammonia, acerbity; Domestic hare: Egg ammonia acid, Guang ammonia acid, lysine; Pig: Lubricious ammonia is acid of ammonia of lysine, egg, acerbity; Rasorial: Acid of ammonia of lysine, egg, lubricious ammonia acid, revive Guang ammonia is ammoniac acid, acerbity.

4, adjust amino acid according to feed characteristic

Sick at heart of ammonia of lysine, essence is lacked in corn, but egg ammonia acid is more; The lysine in soya-bean cake is more, but lack egg ammonia sick at heart; Lysine is lacked in cottonseed cake, and among them egg ammonia acid, lubricious ammonia acid is apparent however prep above soya-bean cake; A variety of amino acid are contained in fish meal, especially lysine is very rich.

5, take indispensible fatty acid seriously

3 kinds of fatty acid must furnish by feed: 18 carbon 2 Xi are acerbity (linoleic acid) , 18 carbon 3 Xi are acerbity (flax is acerbity) , 20 carbon 4 Xi are acerbity (earthnut) of 4 Xi acid.

6, add a vitamin

Cultivate birds does not need vitamin of sex of compensatory fat dissolve commonly (include A, D, E, K) . But VE has the effect that replaces selenium, be short of selenium area, right amount VE can be added in cultivate birds feed. The need in the feed of pig, birds adds VB a group of things with common features, include VB1, VB2, VB6, VB12

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