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Improved pig is planted, the implementation that pushs industrialization of pig
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1 current situation

Since half century, of our country raised a pig to have great progress. Come more than 20 of reforming and opening years especially, the course of study that raise a pig maintained rapid development. End 2002 end, amount of livestock on hand of countrywide live pig amounts to 462 million, 331 million growth than 1985 39.27% ; Pork crop amounts to 43.27 million tons, than 1985 16.55 million tons grow 1.61 times.

Pork of our country average per capita has a quantity to increase 32 kilograms from 20 kilograms, contradiction of pork supply and demand is solved basically, the commodity pig amount that every sow provides achieves 15, grow 1.5 than 1978 times, from go up at all the condition that changed our country to raise hog production to lag behind, shortened the difference that our country raises pig course of study and world to raise pig employment, our country raises pig employment from pure domestic avocation aquaculture, work up becomes independent industrial branch. Some closer year come the development that we raise pig employment has a few following characteristics:

1.1 measurable dimensions raise a pig to run development rapid. According to statistic, the whole nation gave column 1999 the specialist of pig of 50 above commodity and pig farm have 812 thousand (field door) , pig of flesh giving column one hundred and eleven million two hundred and eighteen thousand, occupy in those days 24.4% what countrywide live pig gives pen number; To 2002 the whole nation develops 1.035 million (field door) , increased 22.3 percent than 1999. Grew 27.46% , pig of commodity giving column amounts to one hundred and sixty-five million nine hundred and seventy-eight thousand eight hundred, increase fifty-four million seven hundred and sixty thousand eight hundred than 1999, grow 32.99% , occupy the whole nation to give pen number ground in those days 29.28% .

1.2 area change the production that raise a pig to be formed quickly. Our country raises hog production to basically distributing to be mixed in catchment of the Yangtse River, Central Plains, northeast two wide wait for concentration producing area. According to statistic, their pork crop occupied the 80% above of countrywide gross 2002, among them 43.8% what the pork crop of Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangxi occupies countrywide gross. 21% what crop of pork of Shandong, Henan, Heibei occupies countrywide gross.

1.3 meat packing systems are being formed, 20 centuries since 80 time, our country introduces 100 hog slaughter to machine whole set product line from abroad early or late, the flesh such as the crucial equipment of product line of bowel of ham of many 700 high temperature and goods of a batch of low temperature kind butcher machines equipment, digest and absorbed technology of forward position of a few international and craft. Butcher process capability and technical level have live pig to rise apparently, the ability of research and development of breed of design and color of fleshy products increases. At present shambles of countrywide live pig has 50 thousand many, among them butcher ability is in 10 ~ more than 1500 500 thousand, year butcher is in 50 ~ more than 300 of 1 million, year butcher is in more than 100 of 1 million above, year add carry out the treatment company of 50 million yuan of above more than 500, year treatment pork products 12 million tons, 24% what hold countrywide total output about. Emerge in large numbers a batch of large flesh that give priority to with meat packing kind process a business. Be like double collect, golden gong, Delisi.
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