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Plastic beef cattle of warm canopy fatten
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In cold winter and early spring, the beef cattle goes up in the foundation that assures nutrient matter, what need most is sunshine and appropriate temperature. The best method of contented need is plastic warm canopy raises a beef cattle.

Plastic the temperature inside warm canopy is controlled than general cowhouse tall 10°C. According to the experiment, below the circumstance that feeds identical feed, through 3 months (90 days) raise contrast, the beef cattle that raises inside warm canopy is average day weightening finish 1175 grams; And the beef cattle that raises in general cowhouse because air temperature is too low, not only without weightening finish, and average day is decreased weigh 125 grams. Plastic of warm canopy build the amount that can raise a beef cattle according to oneself, dimensions and existing

The actual condition of cowhouse will decide. Can close open canopy type or cowhouse of ajar open type with plastic film open wide a part, the quantity of heat that uses sun heat energy and bovine oneself temperature to send out rises abandon inside temperature, implementation warms canopy raises a beef cattle.

Warm canopy should be built in n exposed to the sun, relief tall dry is in. If want to rely on boreal wall in court, make its sit south the Northern Dynasties, in order to increase daylighting time and illumination strength, be helpful for rising abandon lukewarm, must not build in south the foot of a wall. Place can choose the farming film with transparent white with plastic film, thick 0.02~0.04 millimeter. Frame material wants adjust measures to local conditions, usable wood pole, bamboo pole, reinforcing steel bar. Prevent cold material to careless shade, cotton shade, gunny-bag waits all but. Warm canopy abandons a type to be able to use flat-roofed type, odd slope type or smooth arch formula. Carry out a proof, in order to combine form (it is double slope type basically, but the wall austral boreal wall prep above, the asymmetry that abandon a top) warm canopy had better, its advantage is the area that buckle canopy small, illumination is enough, not makings of the seeper, easy heat preservation, province that save project.

Of plastic canopy build, decide the appropriate time that buckle canopy above all, master neatly according to the accident of frost-free period, be in southern region but later, northern region but some earlier. The average time that buckle canopy is to came November second year March. When buckling canopy, plastic film should take up even up, seal quadrilateral severe, not leak; Nightly with wind of overcast and rainy Xue Tian is enraged, should mix with careless shade, cotton shade the content such as gunny-bag will warm canopy lid fathers with heat preservation, keep clear of in time on canopy face accumulate frost and firn, in order to make sure illumination result is favorable,

Abandon the excrement and urine inside to want to time everyday cleared, mix in order to make sure the cleanness inside warm canopy is wholesome dry.
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