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The treatment of careless grain feed
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One, the advantage of careless grain

1. The growth of forage grass and use suffer seasonal effect very big. Winter forage grass is withered and yellow, contain nutriment little, cattle is short of grass to eat; Warm season forage grass grows exuberant, nutrition is rich, careless much cattle does not eat. Accordingly, make full use of to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses warm season forage grass, classics cradle, bask in make, smash, treatment is saved into careless grain rise, can winter raise feeds cultivate birds.

2. Feed is changed rate is high. Winter fills with careless grain feed cattle fowl, can obtain more flesh, egg, breast with less forage grass.

3. Volume is minor. Careless grain feed has the 1/4 of bulk of raw material hay to control only, facilitating keep in storage and carry, dust is beneficial to person cultivate health less; Raise is fed convenient, can simplify raise formalities, change to realize intensive, production of mechanization stock raising creates a condition.

4. Increase dainty sex, improve forage grass quality. If wood Xi has the special taste of sweet legumin, more or less cattle is fond of a bit feed, but after making careless grain, become dainty sex the forage grass with high value of strong, nutrition.

5. Enlarge feed origin. Be like golden pheasant, actor if goosefoot, ovine bavin, its branch is thick hard, classics the treatment after smashing becomes careless grain, became cattle place to be fond of the forage grass that eat. Other carapace of the by-product that is like crop, not plump, straw and the treatment such as all sorts of leaves become careless grain to all can be used at raise to feed cattle fowl.

2, the processing technique of careless grain

1, the technology with treatment careless the most crucial grain is to adjust the water content of raw material. Must measure the water content that gives raw material above all, mix next the water content that water asks to treatment. According to determining, make careless grain with leguminous forage grass, optimal water content is 14% ~ 16% ; Gramineous forage grass is 13% ~ 15% .

2, the treatment of careless grain uses grain feed particle rolling machine normally. Careless pink is blended the action of extruding in process of make friends bead by agitate, below normal circumstance, the grain temperature that just came out from sieve aperture amounts to 80 ℃ left and right sides, from high temperature refrigeration comes room temperature, water content should reduce 3% ~ commonly 5% , the water content of the careless grain after reason is cooling does not exceed 11% ~ 13% . Because water content is very low, comfortable at long-term keep in storage won't mildewy metamorphism.

3, the nutrient demand that careless grain treatment can press all sorts of cattle fowl, make up the careless grain that contains different nutrition part. Its grain size is adjustable particle rolling machine, press requirement treatment.

3, grain feed composition and effect
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