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12 months raise hare skill
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Hare thing and hare disease prevented and cure in January

Be in this month 29, 39 with the cold weather of 49, climate condition is adverse to raising hare production and breed, so raise hare what to thing and prophylaxis and treatment should make this month what hare is ill?
One, much law fights severe cold
1 , it is diligent Guan Qin opens the door window. The window that hare abandons day north is uniform close, chao Na's window is in the time that has sun, answered at 4 o'clock to afternoon at 9 o'clock in the morning open breathes freely (cloudy day, rain, Xue Tian does not leave) , the hare of the platoon outside face of dung of biserial type hare is abandoned, both sides closes with plastic film, climate is friendly lift enlightened wind midday, it is better to if abandon hare abandon hare both sides to bend arc shape with bamboo lever,cover film again, facilitate clear excrement and urine and airiness.
2, it is to water add lukewarm. It is in order to use deep well water best, of automatic watering trough store pail should be put indoors heat preservation place, do not have watering trough, water jar has freezing, should seasonable eliminate, change Wen Shui.
3, be it is with grain makings best. If have powdery stuff, should use hot water to mix, want to eat much food less, allow with eating to be completely every time, succulence should prevent to freeze.
2, do hybridization actively
The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring, if spring does not have small bunny to be able to affect the income of annual, to make female rabbit breeds first half of the year 3 embryoes, should do well actively this month the winter matchs.
Hybridization with test-tube had better, facilitating concentration kitten, nurse. Jiawendi can be centered when air temperature is low tall young hare produces vivid rate. If cannot be done test-tube, should adopt artificial and auxiliary nature copulatory. The method is:
Check female rabbit first whether oestrus, see a pussy red, it is commonly: “ is bright red early, hei Zichi, ” of old red the right season or time, when hybridization, the attention should put female rabbit fair hare basket inside, cannot put fair hare the nut inside hare basket. Below normal circumstance, fair hare climbs after crossing successful ejaculation, can topple to a side, give out a cry, with a the rear foot stroke basket motherboard, if do not have afore-mentioned circumstances, should check whether to ejaculate outer; Additional affair does not deserve to close to female rabbit, should stretch his hand basket skin of the neck after capturing female rabbit is controlled, advantageous fair hare climbs cross. To make sure kitten is counted, should removed after two hours again answer match.
To make unborn hare quality good, should add to fair hare when before hybridization 21 days of above feed the soya bean that thoroughly cook, everyday more than 10. Winter succulence wants to assure, carrot feeds hare best.
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