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Special type feed raises goat benefit tall
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The goat is individual small, grow slow, the development goat amount, survival rate that raises a goat and accelerate grow rate is very important to raising the economic benefits that raise a sheep. In recent years, science of animal of Nanjing agriculture college fastens development of group of the task that raise a sheep to give feed of special type of a kind of goat.

Open according to be being saved in Jiangsu east 2 countryside undertake He Jiulong of city coastal waters by a definite date feed of goat special type experiments, the use method of feed and dosage: Late admiral expects 20 grams (everyday every sheep) mix within a few product, or 0.5 kilogram add raise of agitate of a few water to feed inside or so careless pink. I recipe: Special type feed product of 10 grams + 100 grams; Ⅱ

Recipe: Product 100 grams: Contrast; Depasture raise. The result makes clear: Raise of coastal waters countryside feeds the goat of I recipe, day weightening finish is compared contrast group increase 42.01 % ; Raise feeds Ⅱ makings than contrasting group increase 22.48 % . Long I of weightening finish of swell country day than contrasting group increase 80.32 % .

Recipe of I of coastal waters countryside increases benefit than Ⅱ recipe 27.87 yuan, I recipe is compared contrast group gain 33.59 yuan, Ⅱ recipe is added than contrasting receive 5.7 yuan; Long recipe of I of swell native place is compared contrast group increase 165 yuan.

Additional, one specialist raises coastal waters rural area goat 210, plum rains season dies in all because of have loose bowels kid 43 (occupy total head to count 21.39 % ) . But add special type feed, sheep of the have loose bowels after a week recovers entirely, often add when compound later, produce have loose bowels rarely. Another specialist raises 408 bellwether, lambing 96, because have loose bowels dies 64, occupy 66.7 % . This spring lambing 182, survive after feed of supply special type 169, survival rate amounts to 90 % above.

As above, this feed has a balance nutrition, promote grow, the action of fatten, have stop the have diarrhoea, effect that prevents have loose bowels. To ablactationing the Yo after is become the sheep, fatten sheep before selling and be pregnant to use the effect with the grown ewe of lactation phase optimal, and material benefit of use safety, convenient, economy, benefit is tall.