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Technology of beef cattle introduce a fine variety
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Blooded seed selection also calls this breed seed selection. It is to point to the breed in the ox inside, carry seed selection, anthology match and breed raise Niu Qun quality and the method that its produce property ceaselessly. Abroad makes meaty ox breed and home's numerous local ox brilliant plant, be bred through this method and become; Already some beef cattle breed still need to continue to implement system of blooded seed selection, produce beneficial result in order to raise a beef cattle. In beef cattle course of study, still need to rely on blooded breed and offer bull kept for covering, and the frame work that provides fattening to use in great quantities is arrogant.
One) , the condition of blooded seed selection is more commonly below circumstance of make known to lower levels undertake blooded seed selection.
1. The flesh uses local variety this breed has more consistent bodily form appearance and taller manufacturing property, have stable transmissibility. Produce property to raise its further, make appearance of its bodily form more tend consistent, need to use the method of blooded seed selection, will consolidate and raise the character of certain and good character. This law also calls thoroughbred breeding. 2. The beef cattle is admirable this breed passes breed of people breed make its make variety of specialization beef cattle, performance yield the pulp is very high, have stable transmissibility. To increase group amount, retain breed character, improve quality ceaselessly, need calculated undertakes blooded seed selection. . The flesh is planted with the place this breed although economic value is not high, cannot satisfy the need of people completely, but certain character and character, like force of acclimatization ability, disease-resistant, be able to bear or endure some respect of function of thick raise, production has certain or relatively outstanding advantage, this withholds its necessary amount inside particular area with respect to need, regard the gene of crossbreeding as the library. This way also says to defend kind of seed selection. The flesh uses hybrid strain after this hybrid strain enters a horizontal stroke to reach fixed level, need undertakes seed selection choosing matchs purposefully, lie secure its good character, make complete group quality rises further and tend orderly. The breeding of this phase works, although not be,seed selection undertakes inside a breed, but the method of the seed selection inside it and breed is similar, method of this kind of seed selection also says from group breed.

(2) , blooded seed selection group charm makes recipe type it basically includes to kiss predestined relationship breed (hand in nearly) He Jing is breeding two respects.
Kiss predestined relationship breed: Breed of close predestined relationship is to point to the copulatory combination between the fair cow that has concern kissing a predestined relationship. Hand in nearly also weigh inbreeding. Mirrorring near rate parameter is to hand in coefficient and coefficient of close predestined relationship nearly. Handing in coefficient nearly is to express miscellaneous a magnanimity that adds up to gene scale to reduce. Strain breed:
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