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Use technical operation of medicine to the pig
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(1) suitable scope: Excitant very strong or inject dose is larger unfavorable the remedy that has muscle or subcutaneous injection.
(2) place: Vena cava of ear of ministry of pig hard of hearing.
(3) method: Brush vena cava of ear of ministry of hard of hearing forcibly with alcohol tampon, assistant coerces vein of ear radical ministry with finger, make hemal beat rises. Left hand captures pig ear, pinhead of injector of right hand general with blood-vessel of inclined penetrate into of 15 degrees of horn, throbbing piston, if see a blood, show syringe needle is correct already penetrate into is hemal. Assistant finger is loose, inject personnel secures position of syringe needle penetrate into with left hand, in case syringe needle slips go out or jolty, the right hand is pushed slowly be used as medicine fluid. After finishing, left hand takes one alcohol tampon to control pinhole part, pull out quickly syringe needle, alcohol tampon still is pressed closely a little while, lest blood is poured out of.
Issue inject with coating to the pig
How to operate
(1) suitable scope: If the medical owner of hypodermic is easy deliquescent and the medical fluid that did not stimulate, and all sorts of vaccine and vaccine.
(2) inject place: General choice skin moves thinly, easily but the position with mobile not large sex, if root of ham inside, ear is rear. medical fluid inject arrives in the loose organization between the skin and muscle.
(3) inject method: The place that will inject first is disinfected, mention with left finger next the skin, make this place skin shows trigonometry ruffle, the right hand is in the center of the ruffle injector pinhead inclined to penetrate into hypodermic, general pinhead and skin assume 45 degrees of role, deepness is controlled 3 centimeters, unlock left hand at this moment, turn medical juice the organization inside, pull out should disinfect again after syringe needle, knead inject place skin gently with alcohol tampon, in order to make medical fluid is quickened abreaction and absorb.
Use drug to the pig intramuscular injection
How to operate
(1) suitable scope: To excitant stronger, or the medical fluid that absorbs not quite easily, all use intramuscular injection, be like amine of penicillin, sulphur or fat dose penicillin.
(2) inject place: The hip with general choice plump muscle or cervical. Thinner pig had better be in cervical inject.
(3) inject method: Undertake alexipharmic to inject place first, if this place wool is more, should disinfect after poodle first.
Hang down syringe needle inside muscle of straight penetrate into, throbbing injector piston, when having the phenomenon that answer blood, can note into medical fluid.
(4) characteristic: Medical fluid is absorbed faster, the ache that inject causes is lighter also.
To the pig the abdominal cavity that use drug injects
How to operate
(1) suitable scope: Use when it is more difficult that ear vein injects commonly. Young son pig is commonly used this law.
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