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Bureau of Sichuan aquatic product looks around inspect tropical fish of Chongqin
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On October 22, 鮠 of kiss of monitor of Sichuan province state is planted formerly long, Sichuan visits a Meng Qinggang field Xiong Chen of former director of bureau of Deng Gongbing of aquatic product bureau, Dazhou aquatic product and Sichuan emerge greatly the group such as personnel of technology of fontal fishery company.

In chief of division of news of technical advice station of Chongqing city aquatic product, Jiang Jin division aquatic product stands thoroughbred field ancient field accompanies stationmaster Jiang Hua Min and tropical fish longly below, senior group of field of the first month looked round river ferry warden to develop tropical fish thoroughbred field and the tropical fish with this photograph adjacent breed recreational farmhouse happy.

In communication of have an informal discussion, both sides of guest and host introduced him to be in each other former (fine) kind the produces management field situation of field, express to will want to strengthen cooperation henceforth, draw lessons from each other, advance breed to change, carry highland (fine) kind the economic benefits of field, urge plain change two ground fishery develops.