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Fujian: Bureau of fishery of Ministry of Agriculture checks me to save project o
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On October 19 - 21 days, bureau of fishery of Ministry of Agriculture organizes inspection team, save fishing port of city of fishing port of center of auspicious Zhi of stone lion city, Long Hai to supervise a light boat to build a project to have special inspection to me.

Examination content according to the Ministry of Agriculture " supervisory check gauge of agricultural construction project is decided " , include project program examination of financing of inspection of quality of examination of examination, early days job, construction examination, project, project, action bids reach a contract the respect such as examination of origanization construction of examination, project. Main form has: Watch project project scene, listen to construction unit to carry out a circumstance report, check project data, communication answers doubt, fill in the program such as examination circumstance record sheet. Inspection team is overall to place check project executive circumstance is basic and satisfactory, in the meantime, need to improved the problem with the standard to offer an opinion further in project management to building an unit.

As we have learned, this special inspection is basis of bureau of fishery of Ministry of Agriculture " Ministry of Agriculture about beginning agriculture built a project 2008 the announcement that special inspection works " requirement, selective examination in the key that checks a foundation to go up oneself in the round, the purpose is to pass an inspection, strengthen fishing politics fishing port to build project management further, supervise and urge project standard is built, the safeguard action that cogent play project superintends, ensure investment benefit.

My bureau development plans to be in relevant personnel to accompany an examination. The concerned staff of ocean of fontal state city, Zhangzhou city and piscatorial bureau also played the project of seat to check.