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Yellow River Yong Jingbing is clever paragraph will put precious of 500 thousand
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Channel of xinhua net Gansu Province on October 24 dispatch of daily of message Gansu Province (reporter Li Linna) the Yellow River lives in water area of bright spirit Duan Tianran extremely the fish with a lot of protection higher value such as fish of heavy lip of fish of tine of Bian Bian pharynx, piebald naked carp, thick lip, because built hydroelectric station to cut off of fish migrate, make natural water area medium fish is planted acute reduces group of amounts, endangered speed is accelerated. To protect these treasure rare species, on October 23, cast < of environmental protection of fishery of bureau of environmental protection of hall of herd of company, province farming, province, province by report of the Gansu Province- - ADV_CONTENT- - > the much branch such as the station is initiated jointly, be in this paragraphs to put precious rare fry on 100 thousand end in all, plan to put 500 thousand end on rare fry of this kind of precious in succession inside 5 years.

As we have learned, the Yellow River bright spirit paragraph planned 2007 and established gross area the zoology of 7000 square metre is put shed fry hatch farm, began aboriginal fish and economic fish fry actively breed the job.