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Coruscate of fishery of the zoology that stroke a city is exuberant opportunity
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Some closer year come, the our city holds to " compress catch, treatment of development breed aquatics, main attack, liven current " fishery develops policy, adjust structure of aquatic product industry energetically, advance aquatic product industrialization steadily, production of whole town fishery had great progress, realized the history not only new span, and striding to contemporary fishery take big strides. It is reported, whole town aquatic product always is produced by 3298 tons of 1978, one hundred and thirty-four thousand eight hundred and forty-two tons when increase to 2007; Piscatorial total production value increases one billion four hundred and seventy-two million five hundred and twenty thousand yuan by 6.45 million yuan.

The our city is continueing to consolidate on the base that increases groovy aquatic product to breed, it is a center with structural adjustment, wait for special type aquatic product development name, actor, newly to breed energetically, preliminary formed " one county is tasted, one ground is tasted " area board piece the advantage produces an area to develop pattern. The terrapin that waits for a county like Li Chuan, Na Feng kind breed, the eel of the county such as endowment brook, Li Chuan breeds, south city, east the mandarin fish fish of countryside county breeds, li Chuan, face plain, south the pearl of the prefectural area such as the city breeds, face plain, 3 red, catfish breed the Peng Ze crucian carp of the prefectural area such as Chong Ren, Jin Xi, Jiangxi, li Chuan, face plain, appropriate is yellow the frog of area waiting for a county kind breed, drove structural adjustment of whole town aquatic product to develop a process greatly.

Advance of aquatic product industrialization steadily, those who promoted industrial catenary is ceaseless and outspread. Enterprise of aquatic product bibcock from do not have have, whole town has company of bibcock of provincial aquatic product 4, enterprise of city class bibcock 5; Bibcock enterprise produces base to expand steadily, related to its the aquiculture base of couplet already amounted to more than mus 120 thousand. In the meantime, aquatic product treatment disperses from the tradition stage by stage model machine first transform to contemporary dimensions deep treatment. Invest the factory of the eel that bake of 10 million dollar and the limited company of China friendship food of 7.8 million dollar and limited company of Heng Xing food by Fujian travelling merchant respectively, its equipment and technology are in lead position in the whole nation, improved a product greatly additional cost.

The our city increased new breed, new technology introduce strength, accelerated achievement of science and technology to change pace, content of medium science and technology had fishery to rise apparently. Built relevant experiment to set an example, promotion base, strengthened the cooperation with place of courtyard of universities and colleges, scientific research. Whole town science and technology progresses to already achieved 56 % to contributive rate of fishery. In the meantime, health breed aquatics is begun deep, opportunity of survival of zoology fishery coruscate. Whole town achieves more than mus 150 thousand without area of base of breed aquatics of social effects of pollution, occupy whole town to already raised surface 1/3 strong, aquatic product health breeds a technology to already was carried out in the round in whole town. Area of aquiculture of outskirts of a city of town of beautiful cereal of golden brook county, face rural area of plain area Hunan aquiculture base and south city county is high grade aquiculture base is awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture respectively " health of aquatic product of Ministry of Agriculture breeds demonstrative area (field, county) " title. Deserted lane reservoir carries out " protect abundant of clear fish of water, water with fishing " the fishery that defend water develops new approach, changed flood face fishery to develop a concept, make fishery develops can with water environmental protection serves as one of main goals, ensure the unity of environmental protection coordinates piscatorial development and water thereby, zoology fishery coruscate is exuberant opportunity of survival.
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