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Shrimp of the chela that overcome a family name is common the processing techniq
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Shrimp of the chela that overcome a family name regards a burgeoning breed aquatics as breed, breed door in breeding a process, have not discover disease of eruptive sex, epidemic, but in breed when density is bigger, often appear a few diseases and difficulty problem. Recieving the author now breed an experience that seek advice and accumulates in ill process of shrimp of help make a diagnosis and give treatment, the introduction is as follows, offer culturist to consult:
Carapace of watch of body of speckle disease ill shrimp has stain state black Brown ulcer, chang Wo is close to at be in by the side of the pool dead condition. Style of this pathogeny shrimp gets hurt to worsen with the environment, pathogenic bacteria affects be caused by. Method of prevention and cure: Undertake pond clear silt every year, maintain shrimp pool water quality good, change water or calx of total pool douse regularly. In catch, carry, put in a suitable place to breed the discretion in the process is operated, prevent to injure shrimp carapace. When discovering shrimp sicken, water system uses every stere 0.3 grams because 2 bromic seas are complete pool douse, after waiting for 3 days, water system uses every stere nitrify bacterium 1 Ke Quanchi douse; Every kilogram uses 10 milligram ~ in pool shrimp 15 milligram tea dregses of rice fluid douse, make case of shrimp body exuviate, the carapace that repair damages.
Black branchial ill ill shrimp is branchial turn into by red Brown or ecru, till change completely appearance, cause branchial atrophy. This disease basically affects be caused by by water pollution, mould. Method of prevention and cure: Water system uses every stere bleaching powder 1 Ke Quanchi douse, or water system uses every stere ozone is compound preparation 0.5 grams ~ 0.8 Ke Quanchi douse, successive 2, after lying between 3 days, water system consumed adds up to every stere bacterium 5 Ke Quanchi douse; 0.2% stability Vc is added inside feed, cast continuously feed 7 days of ~ 10 days. Case of body of ill shrimp of soft carapace disease is frivolous soft, chela is sufficient not hard, style quality is not red. Shrimp activity capability is not strong, photograph feed not flourishing, grow slow, burrow and avoid enemy ability is weak. Because Chineiguang illuminates inadequacy, water system PH is worth long-term on the low side, pool bottom is silty and overmuch, put in a suitable place to breed density passes to cause shrimp of the chela that overcome a family name with the reason such as feed nutrition disequilibrium greatly calcic be caused by is short of inside body. Method of prevention and cure: Water system uses every stere 25 grams calx is complete pool douse; Feed is cast hello want diversification, those who increase succulence and bone dust cast feed a volume; The Vc of 0.1% is added in feed, cod-liver oil, dextrose, Chinese herbal medicine and biology preparation.
Sodden carapace disease has apparent fester spot on carapace of ill shrimp body and chela carapace, stain hoar, the darkly when serious canker is Brown, cave in is carried in stain. By false odd Bao bacterium of bacterium, the Bao that enrage sheet, stick bacterium of bacterium, Gu to wait for be caused by of infection shrimp body. Method of prevention and cure: After be being dissolved with calx regularly total pool douse; Increase the amount that change water appropriately, improvement breeds water quality; 1% phosphoric acid are added in feed 2 hydrogen are calcic, feed 3 days of ~ 5 days repeatedly. Infusorian disease wears a few the gender is infusorian adding to be born at shrimp body when solid, the symptom is not apparent, shrimp also does not have pathological changes, but add in great quantities when bug body when be born, the exterior darkly such as the branchial, appendage of shrimp is lubricious, body watch shows ash if black is villiform, ill shrimp is in morning float at surface, unresponsive, do not photograph feed, not exuviate carapace, grow suffocate suffocate. The main harm of infusorian disease is the breath that affects shrimp of the chela that overcome a family name, easier below the circumstance of low dissolve oxygen large quantities of death. Method of prevention and cure: Water system uses every stere fine bug is clean 0.8 grams ~ 1 Ke Quanchi douse, tertian hind water system uses every stere 2 oxidation are chloric 0.8 grams ~ 1 Ke Quanchi douse; Or every stere water system adds up to copper with chela 1.2 Ke Quanchi douse; In breed level to often use EM bacterium, light to add up to the biology preparation such as the bacterium improved water quality.
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