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A costly shrimp is raised in saline land
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Reporter nobleness: "I now is to be in Heibei to save the sea of city of dark blue state to promote a county, so these landforms behind me are saline land, 3.2 million mus are shared in city of dark blue state like appearance of this cultivate land, arrived spring and winter are whole this landforms is a shining white, tell by the truth, this kind of saline land ground suits to do agricultural development to cultivate far from, its groundwater water quality is more complex also, also do not suit to do aquiculture, however we discover until here is interviewed, here has had 60 thousand mus area to be used at breeding fish and shrimp. Here has had 60 thousand mus area to be used at breeding fish and shrimp..

Sea of city of dark blue state starts column of dimension of the first month of villager of the village austral prefectural hill: "This shrimp is really good "

Reporter: "How is this shrimp good? "How is this shrimp good??

Breed a Meng Weizhu: "This albumen is tall, look it is good that you see this brightness, fleshy simple it may not be a bad idea, eat this raw to be no problem. Eat this raw to be no problem..

Meng Weizhu: "Can eat raw so. "Can eat raw so..

Reporter: "Eat raw so. "Eat raw so..

Meng Weizhu: "Quite fragile is. "Quite fragile is..

City of dark blue state is located in bottom of bay of Bohai Sea bay, local saline land is very much. 1/3 what take 9.2 million mus of land of whole town. These saline land go out of cultivation for a long time unused. 2000, this calls Zhao Zifeng the person, want to develop aquiculture on this moorland, his act became a new issue in place.

Dark blue city displays bridge of carry of Feng of villager of village of prefectural Liu village: "Old man of 85 years old does not know this place has grown a thing, had never grown a thing, saline land. Saline land..

Guo Ruidong: "Crops is not long, never mention it pisciculture. Never mention it pisciculture..

Wang Shouzhen: "At that time also feel them quite strange, say that place can pisciculture? Say that place can pisciculture??

These pond are rainwater erodes saline alkaline sinkage and form, the water suffering in pond is salty, both neither can be drinkable, also cannot irrigate, and Zhao Zifeng does not think so unluckily however.

Sea of city of dark blue state promotes the village austral prefectural hill country to breed a Zhao Zifeng: "We consider seawater to be able to be raised, we water of this underground ooze also is salty, also can raise euqally, yes. Yes..

2000, zhao Zifeng contracted 30 mus of saline land, want to breed be able to bear or endure the prawn with saline stronger sex. However, after pond gouge, what he discovers the fact is not him to want is simple in that way. Saline land groundwater is sufferred from not only salty, suffer edaphic effect, its part is more complex, unsuited do aquiculture.

The sea promotes deputy director general of bureau of prefectural pasturage aquatic product to grow Han Bingcun: "With respect to this water, this water suffers from Xian Kuxian, not only it is the saline taste that has seawater solely, when its buck is heavier when having, still tasting have acrid, its ability in swimming is different. Its ability in swimming is different..
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