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Henan: Raise benefit of Yellow River loach to analyse
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On October 19 morning, reporter v/arc be on the throne saves mesa at Henan new the Yellow River loach of village of precinct north  breeds China area Ying Bin artificially experimental base sees, as the movement of the machine that cast bait, the loach of group often jumps a surface, take food eagerly, evil spirit it is satisfactory.

According to introducing, new China area western border library of white chelonian landscape, water is resourceful, beach besmear, fenny area 16 thousand mus, fishery can use an area forteen thousand eight hundred mus, development aquiculture is having advantaged requirement. Breed a structure to adjust, change onefold fishery to produce pattern, increase farmer income, march, bureau of irrigation works of this area aricultural is on the foundation that inspects argumentation adequately, rely on loach of Yellow River of open up of pisciculture large family to breed experimental base artificially, raise fund from Pu Yang city introduces a seedling more than yuan 10 to plant 200 thousand end, transfer personnel of 3 professional technologies spreads out to breed an experiment artificially, invite Henan to save Xu Chao of expert of famous aquatic product to impart standardization of Yellow River loach breeds a technology.

This project also causes great attention of the fisherman, since beginning Yellow River loach to breed an experiment artificially, before already having more than 1000 person-time, will seek advice breed a technology. Villager Li Tao tells the author, he understands adaptability of Yellow River loach strong, survival rate value of tall, economy prospect of tall, market is good, already invested many yuan 10 to rebuild on beach besmear recently transform pound nearly 20 mus, when next year spring raises loach.

Introduce according to Liu Yawei of director of bureau of irrigation works of this area aricultural, body of fish of Yellow River loach is golden, the flesh is qualitative fresh and tender, nutrition is rich, have higher officinal value, be known as " the ginseng in water " , it is one of main aquatic product that our country foreign trade exports. Up to now, loach of this area Yellow River breeds an experiment artificially very successful, loach survival rate achieves 95%% , individual and average weight makes an appointment with 30 grams, be expected catch since next month.

Occupy Wang Ziqing of section chief of division of aquatic product of bureau of mesa city agriculture additionally to introduce, the success of Yellow River loach introduces fill the blank that this city loach breeds artificially.