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Aggrandizement management firm is caught fulfil effort to initiate new phase of
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Development study is begun to carry out scientific progress in entire party view activity and seventeen 3 in during plenary meeting victory concludes, hold meeting of job of countrywide fishery safe production, the sense is very great. This the main task of the conference is to comprehend a party deeply seventeen mix seventeen greatly 3 in plenary meeting spirit, carry out deep implement scientific progress concept, review summary in recent years countrywide fishery safe production works circumstance, analytic situation, study is carried out " the announcement that general office of the State Council works about strengthening piscatorial safe production " requirement, make clear the train of thought that safe production of fishery of a period will work henceforth and main task, research puts forward to strengthen the measure that piscatorial safe production works further, want to innovate on system mechanism especially, comprehensive aggrandizement safe production manages, solid advance restful fishery construction, the grand target that can last what be stimulative fishery to harmony of society of healthy progress, implementation is stabilized and build comparatively well-off society make positive contribution.
One, what in recent years piscatorial safe production works is brief review
Long-term since, the Party Central Committee, the State Council values safe production job very, put forward to be with the person in recent years especially this after scientific progress is watched, safe production job gets unprecedented attention, various people government and branch of piscatorial administration director carry out the place seriously the decision-making deploy that fulfils the Party Central Committee, the State Council to decrease calamity to work about strengthening safe production and take precautions against natural calamities, establish " it is with the person this " , " scientific progress " concept, management of piscatorial safe production is strengthened ceaselessly, did a large number of fruitful works.
(one) strengthen constituent leader, fulfil system of safety production seriously
In recent years, central leader cares problem of piscatorial safe production very much, strengthen job of piscatorial safe production to make important written instructions for many times. The Chongzhongzhi that the Ministry of Agriculture works piscatorial safe production as fishery is heavy, research put forward compose to build " restful fishery " train of thought, target and task, adopt measure to be advanced actively. Government of local Party Committee of all levels and piscatorial branch strengthen constituent leader, perfect working mechanism ceaselessly, fulfil responsibility of piscatorial safe production. A lot of places begin fisherman and sailor to groom through chasing class to sign shape of safe production responsibility, organization education, build piscatorial safety inspection, fisher to form into columns production and fisher safe production assist the system such as the member that be in charge of, compose builds system of safe production management, fall safe production responsibility to real point.
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