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Grass carp new breed breeds (2)
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2. Raise management
By fry (spray) raise a method to what Xia Hua fish plants: Fry (spray) next ponds use 1.75 kilogram 2 hours to do soya bean by every mus of effective surface namely, the amount that makes 18 kilogram soya-bean milk with every kilogram soya bean is gone to total pool the soya-bean milk of douse first time with each even and meticulous corners, after this presses the afore-mentioned quantity that make a starch, everyday douse 2 ~3 second, by fry (spray) breed to Xia Hua in later period (day of 8 days of ~9) when, the biology amount in wanting to pledge according to Chi Shuishui fertilizer spends system of actor bad, water does oar of timely, proper increase and decrease to measure, right amount add oar of the paste that feed cake (dregs of rice with the beans what after immersing, make is sizy) or farinaceous product (if use,fry ripe second pink, fine rice bran, bran) , cast feed a volume with everyday mu effective surface is cast feed kilogram of 2 kilogram ~3, ensure bait makings is right amount, fang Nengli grows at Chiyu. During whole fry is bred, want to pay attention to the management of water level water quality of the pond. The growth as fry, timely add pour new water, gradually raise Chishui water level, adjust good water quality. Breed later period to fry (summerly flower is earlier) , should ensure the water quality inside the pool " fat, vivid, bright " . On day-to-day management, should hold to everyday early, medium, late pond of 3 make one's rounds, the detailed mobile condition that observes Chi Yu, photograph feed change of circumstance, water quality to wait, once discover the problem is seasonable,adopt lash-up measure to try to solve. From fry (spray) the classics after next ponds of day of 22 days of ~26 raise breed and manage, the body length of fry already all achieved 3 centimeters or so commonly, should sell in time right now or make good cent pool, turn into the fingerling of next phase to breed. Sell when Xia Hua or do turn when the pond is raised, fish of change net refine wants 2 times before giving a pool ~3 second square but, should take care when the operation meticulous, endeavor to avoid fry to plant get hurt, give a pool at rising with benefit, turn pool, carriage survival rate.
By summerly Hua Zhiqiu piece of fingerling raise a method: Summerly Hua Zhiqiu piece (fingerling) raise breed the methodological cardinal principle to Xia Hua with fry identical, put in a suitable place to breed density mu the Xia Hua that effective surface puts in a suitable place to breed body length is controlled 3 centimeters, normally control is in 10 thousand end of 10 thousand ~1.2, mu effective surface collocation gives birth to silver carp in those days 200 end can. In raise early days, should cast hello dainty, what make up artificially is farinaceous small broken bait, day is cast feed ~3 2 times second, day casts bait to measure the 4%~7% of total weight of the fish that it is a pool. When be being controlled to 5 centimeters in piscine body length, still can cast right amountly feed some of succulence (if Sha Ping, small float, impeller blade is black alga, fresh and tender dew grass) . The day of succulence is cast how much to feed to want to be decided according to makings source, but the biggest day casts the 10%~12% that feeds a quantity to cannot exceed pool fish total weight, in everyday cast afternoon feed succulence had better. Namely in the morning ∶ of 7 ∶ 30~8 30, midday ∶ of 11 ∶ 30~12 30, afternoon 3 ∶ 30 deliver product, 6 ∶ 30 send blue material later; Or in the morning ∶ of 8 ∶ 00~9 00, afternoon ∶ of 2 ∶ 00~3 00 deliver product, 6 ∶ 30 send blue material later.
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