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Development of business of feed breed aquatics should get used to the market of
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The beans this year dregses of rice the value is great cases to fall greatly, let breed enterprise, feed business to suffer blow. The medium small breed aquatics with respect to our bring into contact with door, in in light of the circumstance of small feed business, the understanding that lacks pair of whole markets and cost management generally and understanding. At the beginning of June when, the beans dregses of rice the price is controlled in 4000 yuan, feed business thinks the beans dregses of rice the price became high, rise hard, dare not fill so library.

From us the analysis at that time looks, breed amount of livestock on hand to be in perch, oily factory benefit is poor, oil sells do not move, oily factory rises only dregs of rice valence. American is in futures dish weather of the hype on the face, help litre of soja price. Below the circumstance that oily factory rises in soja cost, breed cost pressure impute to feed industry downstream only, rise ceaselessly dregs of rice valence. We once mentioned in front: Breed an industry to face cost shift, bargain ability is poor. Because of the tigidity of actual amount of livestock on hand demand must accept the cost transfer of oily factory. Whether can you accept the transfer of cost all the time so? When does marry again process end? From the point of actual condition, that breeds namely door wash out amount of livestock on hand.

As breed door wash out amount of livestock on hand, the price cost marry again that the beans dregses of rice also ended.

When futures firm does research to analyse, undertake to the circumstance of whole industry catenary information is collected namely arrange. Cultivate an area to begin from the upriver raw material of industrial catenary, to the price of fleshy birds egg that breeds an industry downstream, catenary of will whole industry brings into a whole to think, in consider whole is macroscopical environment of economy, population, reach the whole that develops to the industry ponders over understanding. The feed industry this year, from the word in light of the angle of the product, the benefit of live pig feed is close friends relatively expect at cultivate birds, this also is amount of livestock on hand of pair of industry of integral breed aquatics and the conclusion that after benefit is analysed, reach. The rise of sow amount of livestock on hand was meant 2007 the amount of livestock on hand of live pig will rise considerably 2008, this is market size rise. Have as to ascendant space how old, can last how long, need those who inspect live pig to breed benefit.

The corn exit of our country decreases considerably this year, in the process that rises all the way in international corn price, domestic corn price is by national success adjusting control on reasonable level, assured the cost of live pig breed aquatics. And because the entrance of soja is depended on,the beans dregses of rice, go up in macroscopical adjusting control so, the country accomplishs effective adjusting control hard, also go up in the price rise and fall is bigger.
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