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Pig price falls greatly, fleshy value is little fall " mystery "
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This year since June, the price giving column of live pig goes low all the way: From this year the maximum price of 2-3 month 9.3 yuan / jin, drop to 5.7 yuan at the beginning of this month / jin, drop near 4 into. However the pork price that from last year second half of the year begins to rise, still be however " golden price " do not fall.

Who is the sudden huge profits on chain of division of pig market price person?

According to introducing, pig of a jin of water is OK butcher gives clean meat 0.87 jins, fleshy cost price is 6.9 yuan / jin, adding freight is almost 7 yuan / jin. Those who remain is all sorts of charge in butcher segment, fleshy food company increases price every jins commonly 0.4 yuan, namely with 7.4-7.5 yuan / jin wholesale, that is to say, the one water pig that the head weighs 200 jins, of butcher segment add valence to be in 60 reach 85 yuan.

And pork retail price still maintains 13 yuan / jin. According to flesh of area of river door Feng Jiang kind wholesale shopkeeper association introduces, sell the profit of a pig now, be equivalent to selling both ends the profit of the pig last year.

Live pig buys valence to drop and the market is retail fleshy price " strong " , cause pig farming to complain; Why does consumer doubt eat costly meat even? Flesh of area of river door Feng Jiang kind wholesale shopkeeper association says, pork price was not followed fall with respect to city all right, the reason is to who do not have to be willing to take this build at present.

Price of 1   pig falls madly all the way pig farming cries aloud deficient

This month 7 days, 8 days, the 3 boss Gong spread out of fast state city with animal husbandry limited company are full with 6 yuan - 6.1 yuan / jin sold 200 bull hog, his humor is some better: Compare 5.9 yuan by September after all / jin small went up 9 wool money.

Half an year drops nearly 4 into, the pig is peddled did not come

It is early 10 days ago (on September 27) , the reporter will be located in dividing line of fast state city to press down Gong Yan's complete hoggery. According to Introduction Gong, quantity of the amount of livestock on hand when 3 his hoggery are highest is in 13 thousand reach 14 thousand, it is in fast city the 2nd raise pig door greatly. The office of Gong is hanging " the live pig that offer Guan nods base surely " brand, the live pig that Gong says to his hoggery has 10% every year gives column to arrive bead trigonometry.

According to fast state city of the person of the same trade Qiu Zhiyong's section chief introduces farming herd bureau, fast city begins from 1996, successive the quantity giving column of 12 years of live pig all takes the place that visits count as one of the best completely with quantity yield the pulp, move many every year toward extramural to have 40, 25% what occupy fast city to always give column to measure, among them the half is moved toward bead the city such as three-cornered Guangzhou, Dongguan.

Gong Yan takes out a Zhang completely this, there is the value that gave column to the live pig end September January this year above: January 8 yuan many / jin, 2-3 month goes up to annual highest 9.2 yuan - 9.3 yuan / jin, 4 months last 4-7 month every jins in 8 yuan many, but from July the bottom begins pig price to begin to go low all the way, subsequently a month a price, september from the month first every jins 7.2 yuan, fall all the way every jins 5.9 yuan. Gong Shui, some pig farm sell every jins 5.6 yuan even. Close half an year comes, live pig price is compared highest when drop went nearly 4 into.
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