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New round shuffle road of industry of soja of the right season or time is in He
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The market of international heavy goods that the financial seismic sea wave that the whole world sweeps across after the National Day causes falls madly tide, let domestic agriculture products (000061, ) open in the industry the earliest the most complete also soja industry is abrupt lose have balance and order already, will be faced with again after 2004 new round shuffle. This is last week 4, Zhou Wu (in October 16 to 17 days) hold in Nanjing " congress of China International seed crushers and congress of seed crushers of the 76th world " the consensus of on many home expert.

Open soja industry, introduced for China compress advancedly technology, modern management concept and healthy Xiaobao install edible oil to consume a habit, but the vivosphere in extruding nation industry while, also got whether national food safety is oppugned minatorily. Is road of Chinese soja industry in He Fang? Before the National Day " daily of the first finance and economics " the reporter goes to northeast investigation for two times, be in again last week " world commissariat day " favour participates in afore-mentioned congress, all sorts of real knowledge and deep insight that when accepting concerned expert our newspaper to interview now, offer are collected as follows.

1 new round shuffle: Open or soja industry is not reversible turn

Sufferred since second half of the year last year in those days heat of concept of the sources of energy of soybean reduction in production, biology is fried wait for an influence all the way the soya-bean oil that violent wind rises (information, prices) the price, internal pressure allowing a country extracts an industry to be experienced since 2004 long-unseen spring scenery, so that circulate inside this industry: Soja is become " Jin Dou " , who has soja who gets rich.

Regrettablly good times don't last long, below the strength that increases value of oily market of adjusting control edible ceaselessly in the country, dalian Commodity Exchange (next weighing " big business place " ) soya-bean oil futures at the beginning of this year March brief rush to reach 15000 yuan high / ton slide again after above reach 8000 yuan / ton. And after the National Day drop continuously stop, make price of contract of brunt of soya-bean oil of big business place falls defeat 6000 yuan / ton, comparative with the price two years ago. But suffer likewise drop continuously the agreement of brunt of futures of soybean of big business place that stops blow, its are current the price still is maintained in prep above 3000 yuan of the level two years ago / ton over the level.

Buy in new soja during beginning, the country already published northeast area according to every a unit of weight 1.85 yuan price hangs out his shingle the policy that buys central reserve in order to protect fabaceous farming interest, but compress the chill when the industry includes foreign capital enterprise to already all had move fall comes.

Although go up,hair of the country at the beginning of the month changes appoint announce external " the directive opinion that develops about promoting soja to machine industry health " (next weighing " opinion " ) , in put forward to encourage and conduct a business " go " while limitative foreign capital is large-scale buy inside endowment compress enterprise, and be faced with the Heilongjiang that current system reforms commissariat to began pair of foreign capital early also to buy in June this year change the fortify of state-owned grain depot in making, but be faced with new of round of shuffled soja industry opening still is to cannot counter the tendency that turn.
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