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The hearsay raises tariff, soja period price is mad " switchback "
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Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for on October 24: Yesterday afternoon, market talk country will raise entrance soja tariff 5% to 9% , at present level of custom duty of domestic entrance soja is 3% , press actually 1% collect. The hearsay is brought about domestic soybean futures rose considerably yesterday, pull move other agriculture products to rise in price. Personage of a few analysises thinks, the adjusting control measure that near future country publishs often, offerred policy to prop up for the market, and after be not reason to drop considerably continuously, produce market also begins gradually sober.

After the National Day, price of domestic agriculture products drops considerably, for Hui Nongjiang farming, protective farmer interest, the country published a series of adjusting control measure, aim to stabilize produce value. To soja, the country decides to build soja of the reserve central in home first, northeastern with 1.85 yuan / jin the price buys 1.5 million tons of soya bean. Nevertheless, after policy announces, although domestic merchandise on hand buys the price to appear,rise, but option market price continues to drop considerably however, and merchandise on hand of be a burden on buys the market.

Huang Dejun of general manager of division of Beijing east moxa expresses, the country closes store although be opposite,carry brace up the price has certain effect, the price after because import soja price pay taxes,passing is too low, only support closes store stabilize homebred soja to buy the price hard. Raise tax rate of entrance soja duty, can raise entrance soja cost on one hand, raise price of entrance soja pay taxes directly, the price of contractible entrance soja and homebred soja differs; to be able to limit entrance soja amount on one hand additionally, encourage an enterprise to purchase homebred soja.

Talk of a few markets says, in 1.5 million tons central reserve soja closes store after the end, the country may continue to increase receive Chu Li to spend, nevertheless means may be policy support is state-owned and large compress the pattern that the enterprise establishs reserve of commercial have enough to meet need undertakes, afore-mentioned hearsays have not get affirming.

On October 22, get circumjacent market low confused impact, chicago futures exchange (CBOT) produce futures price drops considerably. The dollar goes strong to mix the anxious be a burden on of pair of economy foreground produce price goes situation. After open quotation of 23 days of home market, produce price falls defeat considerably namely, soja, soya-bean oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil) wait for many agreement to drop stop, market risk is added suddenly. Nevertheless afternoon at 2 o'clock, produce market value begins strong, soja and soya-bean oil (information, prices) wait for agreement to drop stop board all open, rise considerably, white sugar futures seals harden even.

An analyst expresses Beijing metaphase, the produce price that soya bean includes inside after the section drops considerably, except production of international home agriculture products increases considerably this year outside, the panicky mood that financial crisis brings about, it is the main reason that causes the price to be not reason to drop. Financial crisis can affect demand admittedly, nevertheless produce is different from a metal, the effect that produce suffers economic cycle is relatively lesser, more effects that suffer oneself demand. At present the market exceeds drop serious, the price has the demand of rational regression.
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