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Our country obtains soja of the 8th world to study congress sponsors authority
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On October 22, wang Lianzheng of vice-chairman of congress of research of soja of the 8th world says on the press conference, our country is the birthplace of world soja, chinese people accumulated rich soja to cultivate experience in producing practice for a long time, created kind of qualitative resource of tens of thousands of, be pregnant with the culture of soy food and drink that is famous in the world. Nearly 10 come for years, what make the same score as the rapid development of our country economy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood is ceaseless rise, soja demand is climbed continuously litre, contradiction of supply and demand is increasingly outstanding. Want to raise put together of industry of our country soja to add up to productivity and international competition ability to be about to promote cooperative communication, drive progress of science and technology. Hold soja of the 8th world to study plenary session, will strengthen our country Scientists and Technologists and the communication that produce industry public figure and foreign person of the same trade and cooperation, show the new gain that domain of scientific research of our country soja fetchs, the international collaboration capacity that increases team of scientific research of our country soja and technical innovation ability, drive the promotion of the technical progress of soja industry and integral actual strength.

Wang Lianzheng expresses, consider effort to congress turns world soja into the Olympic of the bound soja of the 8th world, the science that makes best show for group of world soja industry communicates platform, can last what promote China and global soja industry development, the food safety that is safeguard complete mankind, zoology safety and energy security make contribution.

It is reported, world soja studies congress is held 5 every years. It is limits of bound of world soja science and technology the conference with the widest, highest administrative levels, be known as the Olympic of soybean group. The soja of the 8th world that learns to be sponsorred jointly by Chinese agriculture academy of sciences and Chinese crop studies congress, the theme furnishs to represent security of soja of blue print of global soja industry, safeguard with can develop continuously, the topic for discussion basically involves soja to plant biology of qualitative resource, genetic breeding, element and biology technology, help advance somebody's career policy of product of deposit of protection of management of physiology and crop production, plant, soja and treatment, soja and application, supply and demand and trade. Congress still will add soja industry forum, be aimed at industry of soja of development whole world, safeguard food, feed, fuel and fibrous safety furnish and can develop continuously, feral soja resource is protected and use wait for a topic for discussion to undertake discussion.