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Spit rash time city feed is machined by " eat " soft to soft hard " eat "
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Mention feed treatment, what people thinks of above all is the delicate forage grass such as wheat straw, leaf, clove, but, the reporter was being spat recently rash time countryside of city Ai Ding lake, inferior Er countryside, just special noise made in coughing or vomiting straps countryside to see, this kind of phenomenon already was broken thoroughly, breed large family people man-hour is added in forage grass, can undertake machining to the crop such as good pole of grape branch cane, corn, sorghum, ended thereby old since feed is machined " eat " soft, do not touch hard history. As we have learned, only this one, this city can add forage grass newly every year 200 thousand tons or so, older rate alleviated the major problem that forage grass is in short supply.

According to spitting rash time Li Wu of secretary of leading Party group of city pasturage bureau introduces, spit rash time city feed is machined by " eat " soft to soft hard " eat " promotion, also be the be unexpected rescued from a desperate situation that be forced and comes lift. Well-known, in recent years whole area is being adjusted cultivate a structure, carry out energetically " retreat grain to return classics " , but, after efficient crop eliminated grain crop gradually, of forage grass of farming area straw decrease, restricted the development of stock raising of whole town farming district badly however, below this kind of circumstance, municipal government organizes the branch such as agriculture, agriculture machinery, pasturage in time, pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, draw on the wisdom of the masses, finally, everybody reached the stay dot end that adds feed on the innovation that feed machines. Because, spit in order to cultivate what the grape gives priority to rash time city, in 260 thousand mus of grapery be grown every year the cane of many grape branch that go out is cut to cut after coming down, either by farmer burn-up, become rubbish to affect a village to allow village appearance namely, in if solved feed,be being machined " eat " tough question, grape branch cane is abandoned changeably for treasure, make the new breakthrough that solves inadequacy of farming area forage grass. Did not think of all previous classics experiments repeatedly, not only no matter grape branch cane works wet the forage grass that all can machine flocks and herds to love to eat, the crop straw such as lever of corn lever, corn core, sorghum, also can machine flocks and herds to love eating forage grass likewise. Come so, the problem with insufficient forage grass of fatten of farming area flocks and herds gets effectively redeeming.

Inferior Er countryside breeds association chairman to spit Er ground · moxa to tell a reporter than billing, the tender Xie He of every mus of grapery is fine in the past branch, annual can feed 1 -- 2 sheep, but since the grape hard branch and after can machining forage grass, every mus of grapery can make offerings to at least 4 to 5 sheep. His home is the breed aquatics with whole the biggest country door one of, year fatten flocks and herds makes an appointment with 1100 bull, and the raise fodder of fatten flocks and herds, 80% support are purchased from the other place, bought forage grass only last year he cost many yuan 10, but the case will appear this year a favourable turn, because he already purchased the complete set equipment that can machine soft grass and good pole crop, the price that buys grape branch cane and other to wait for good pole crop like corn, sorghum opposite petty gain, so, breed cost to will be reduced a lot of.
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