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5 battalion countryside breeds Qin An county the village already built henhouse
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In recent years, prefectural aquaculture is in Qin An of ranking finance department give aid to below got developing more quickly, already became my county one of industries of 4 big pillar, but because the tradition raises kind dispersedly with farmer,give priority to, did not form dimensions all the time, affected the rapid development of my county aquaculture, accordingly, the decision on the county is in rain of village of inn of Shao of 5 battalion countryside child dimensions of flood land construction breeds a village, drive my county aquaculture to be changed to dimensions with this, industrialization, intensive changes directional development.
5 battalion countryside breeds a village to be located in rain of Shao inn village child flood land, cai lotus highway traverses and pass, communication is easy, water and electricity is all ready, communication is expedite, the environment is superior, the village covers an area of a face to accumulate 50 mus, plan 20 to build standardization henhouse, raise chicken 200 thousand, first phase project builds standardization henhouse 14 7000 square metre, include to raise the room, room that put an egg, feed room, brood room, henhouse is bricky timberwork, steel wears colour steel tile roof. The village unites management, government guiding by government of 5 battalion country, breed what householder guides to commercialize run, 7 unified ” manage the “ that the village executes unified introduce a fine variety, unified henhouse, unified feed, unified disinfection, unified service, unified epidemic prevention, unified sale means.

After breeding village building, breed a village in order to breed a village for depression major of bibcock, Xu to set an example, established earth bay to raise gallinaceous major cooperation, drive development dimensions to breed. Through the village demonstrative bibcock drives action, but radiation drives city of 5 battalion, lotus, Gansu, Zhongshan 4 countryside aquaculture develops, enlarge the ceaseless play with professional cooperation ceaselessly as what breed village dimensions, extend service territory stage by stage, by earth bay the dimensions to periphery breeds cooperation of the major that raise chicken door offer product of flesh of seedling of brood, chicken, egg prophylaxis and treatment of supply of sale, feed, sickness, breed Hu Weiquan and major the technology grooms wait for multinomial service, form produce, annul, buy unifinication. Solve what my county breeds existence dispersedly at present to breed an amount thereby little, breed the current situation with miscellaneous, low benefit. Because every family raises the environmental pollution that cause in the village,still can improve, those who be broad farmer is healthy make contribution. Current, the village already built henhouse 10, enter breed door 7, breed a chickling 50 thousand.

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