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Beacon city: Cooperation is aided breed door add close
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Current, the project of first phase construction of cooperation of major of De Jinnong by-product of city of Liaoning province beacon is basic already and finishing, a batch of high grade Ximen Daer oxen and ox of Xia Luo Lai enter column fatten formally already. Cooperation of major of De Jinnong by-product is located in Hong Cun of the river before home of beacon city king is pressed down, cover an area of 120 mus, it is a modernization that with beef cattle fattening, butcher profound treatment is an organic whole farming herd industry is new and high technical company, predict to always invest 80 million yuan, 14 standards cowhouse and several advanced beef cattles will be had to break up treatment product line after the project is finishing, can give column every year high grade beef cattle 10 thousand, year machine a beef cattle 50 thousand, it is the fatten with beacon city and even Liaoning the at present biggest province base of bovine breed aquatics.
Cooperation of major of De Jinnong by-product adopts base to take the development pattern of farmer, farmer breed aquatics door can entrust its feed, also can issue him feed in cooperation guidance, execute unified buy, unified program, unified epidemic prevention, unified insurance, unified feed and unified sale, fundamental breed aquatics is in charge of by professional of cooperation of major of De Jinnong by-product, between cooperation and farmer, mutual depend on sb or sth for existence is promoted each other, each production segment unites attune of chime of management, monitoring to fall in cooperation, independent business accounting, mutual between sign cooperative agreement, formed mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, mutual promote, the industrial situation of joint development, cooperation in order to cooperate win-win, conspire development to be management concept, abide by market mechanism, undertake commercializing operational.
Current, each business is in this cooperation nervous and orderly ground undertakes, local masses shows huge enthusiasm to raising a cattle, everybody thinks consistently, the fatten ox project of cooperation of major of De Jinnong by-product, effectively help breeds an implementation to add close, in the market 0 risks condition falls, investment redound is big, it is one is added receive another when become rich new approach.